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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Deposit funds in a Web Cashier account

Deposit $10.00 to a user’s personal account.

  1. Log in to PaperCut NG/MF Web Cashier using the URL

  2. Enter your network credentials.

  3. Click the Deposit tab.

  4. Search for the user by entering their username or full name. The user’s full name and current balance is displayed on the left.

    Web Cashier Deposit example

  5. Collect $10.00 cash from the user and enter $10.00.

  6. Select one of the predefined payment methods. (i.e. Cash in this example)

  7. Enter an optional comment.

  8. Click Deposit. The user’s personal balance is credited with $10.00.

  9. An Acknowledgment slip is displayed on the screen. To print an Acknowledgment slip, click Print.
    The text displayed on the top of the acknowledgment slip is configurable. See Customize the Web Cashier interface text for more information.

    Web Cashier Deposit Acknowledgement Slip

    The user is automatically emailed a copy of the acknowledgment slip if configured, or it can be printed. $10.00 is immediately added to the user’s account and is available for use.