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Configure a custom SMTP server

If your SMTP server is not listed in the preconfigured SMTP server list, you can configure the SMTP server manually by providing the following details.

  1. Select Options > Notifications.

    The Notifications page is displayed.

  2. In the SMTP Server Options area, complete the following fields:

Field Name Description
Host Your SMTP server hostname.
Port The port to connect to on the SMTP server. Common ports include 25 or 587 for TLS, and 465 for SMTPS(SSL).
Encryption Choose between None, SSL, and TLS.
Reject untrusted certificates Click this checkbox when using an external email services like Gmail, or if you run your own email server with a trusted certificate. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks by blocking the connection when the mail server presents a certificate that has not been signed by a trusted certificate authority.Do not click the checkbox if you run your own mail server with a self-signed certificate.
Username Username for SMTP authentication. Typically an email address.
Password Password for SMTP authentication.