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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Example 1: Printing with the popup confirmation window

New software to manage printing costs has been installed on the network. To allow effective printing, make sure you understand the following points:

Popup Confirmation dialog

After sending a print job, a popup dialog is displayed asking you to confirm the details. Click Print to confirm the job and agree to the cost. Otherwise, click Cancel if you no longer want to print the job.

The Printing Balance window

After logging on to a workstation a window showing your printing balance is displayed.

If the balance window is not visible (or if you have closed or minimized it) click the icon in your system tray to show it again.

When you confirm a print job by clicking Print in the popup dialog the cost is deducted from your printing balance.

Resolving problems

If the popup window is not displayed or the icon is missing from your system tray, the print control system is not active and printing is denied. Try restarting your system, or ask for assistance if problems continue.

Printing denied message

If you do not have enough printing balance for a job, a Printing Denied message is displayed, and your document will not be printed.

Apply to all documents in queue

This option is displayed at the bottom of both the standard and advanced account selection. When checked, the settings being applied to the current print job are applied to all waiting jobs automatically. The text lets you know how many jobs this affects (e.g. “Jobs: 5”).

This setting is useful when printing a batch of documents for the same purpose. For example, when printing a letter, diagram and spreadsheet for a client, the client account can be selected on the account selection popup along with any other appropriate settings, and the settings are applied to all three jobs. This saves the time taken to apply the settings for each job.