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Example user information sheets

Usually administrators are responsible for educating users about policy or system changes when PaperCut NG/MF is deployed on their network. Providing the right information and guidelines for users is important for the success of any new system.

This section contains examples of information sheets that you can distribute to users. The purpose of these information sheets is to assist the administrator in providing important information about the new system and how to use it. These examples can act as templates or starting points for your own information sheets.

You can enhance the information sheets to include information such as:

  • Details of your organization’s printing policy, such as the standard cost per page and whether or not more printing balance can be added after the user has run out.

  • Location of the printers.

  • How to report problems or receive assistance, such as refunding a failed print job.

  • How to contact the help desk.

  • How to provide feedback about the new system.

What’s in this section?