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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Scenario: The small school

Fast River School has a student population of 200 and caters to students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. A teacher is responsible for each class. The school has two computers in each class room and a small computer lab for older students. All computers are networked. A single server acts as a domain controller and a file and print server. The students in each year level log on to the computers using the username and password allocated to their class.


  1. Each grade level has a monthly printing budget of $50.

  2. If the budget is exceeded, teachers can discuss additional funding with the school principal.

  3. Student use of color printers should be approved by teachers.

  4. The teacher for each grade level should have access to activity reports in order to track the class’s printing volume.

  5. The school principal needs a summary report of class printing activity at the end of each semester.


  • Initial installation

    Install PaperCut NG/MF on the school’s file and print server. The initial installation process is covered in Installation.

  • Requirement 1

    You can automate the monthly budget by applying a $50.00 monthly quota to the [All Users] group. The domain login accounts used for each year level are automatically placed in the [All Users] group. For more information, see :

  • Requirement 2

    Teachers can be warned when their class’s balance has reached a low balance limit. The notification can be via email. The notification option is located under: Options > Notifications > Low Balance Notifications . Select the email option for email notifications.

  • Requirement 3

    The SysAdmin can set up the printers so only selected users (i.e. teachers) can approve jobs issued to color printers. By selecting the Only managers can release option on a given printer, jobs are held in a queue. Teachers can then approve the student print jobs by accessing the web based release software accessed via the URL:


    Where server_name is the name of the organization’s print server.

  • Requirement 4

    Teachers can view print activity and account balance by connecting a web browser to:


    Where server_name is the name of the organization’s print server. Access to the end user pages is covered in Interface levels.

  • Requirement 5

    Summary reports can quickly be generated by any user with PaperCut NG/MF’s SysAdmin access. For more information about granting administrator access and running reports, see Assigning administrator level access.