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Link direct print queues to a printer

The Direct Print Monitor intelligently creates printers in the Application Server Printer List. It creates one printer with multiple print queues (that is, one from each computer). Every print queue with an IP address or hostname that matches the printer, is linked to the printer.

Linking the print queues to a printer allows PaperCut NG/MF to consolidate the information from all linked queues and report on the printer as a whole. It also allows the print queues to dynamically use the configuration of the printer. If any print queues do not automatically link, you must manually link the print queue to the printer.

The linking process works as follows:

  1. The first print queue added on a computer with the Direct Print Monitor installed creates a printer in the Printer List.

  2. If a print queue on any other computer (with a Direct Print Monitor installed) has the same IP address or hostname as the printer, then a new printer is not created and the print queue is linked to the printer created in step 1.

This process is automatic and works in most of cases. There might, however, be some rare situations where a print queue does not automatically link to the printer, or a print queue is incorrectly linked to the printer. In these cases, you need to manual link or unlink the relevant print queues.

When you add a computer to your environment and install the Direct Print Monitor, the Application Server detects the network address of the print queue and automatically links the print queue to the printer if it matches.

When you remove a computer from your environment, the print queue remains in PaperCut NG/MF. You need to unlink the print queue on the decommissioned computer, then manually delete the printer from the Printer Details page.

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