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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Automation and scripting

PaperCut NG/MF provides a detailed set of server commands and Web Services API’s. Use these services to automate common operations and management tasks. Some examples of where an administrator would use scripting/automation include:

  • Automate tasks such as backups and domain user/group synchronization.

  • Integrate account creation and management into existing scripts or processes.

  • Manage account balances and transactions outside the application.

The automation and scripting tools are written for software and script developers. It is expected that readers intending on using these tools are comfortable with developing system management and server monitoring programs.

The server-command and Web Services API’s are included as standard with PaperCut NG/MF. More information on using these tools is detailed in Tools - database, server-command scripting, and APIs (Advanced) in Server commands (server-command) and The XML Web Services API.