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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Advanced Web Print configuration (optional)

The following advanced configuration options are available via the Config editor. See Using the Advanced Config Editor for information about using the Config Editor.

Config key Description
web-print.job-idle-timeout-mins If a Web Print job remains unchanged for longer than this period of time, it is considered finished and is “cleaned up”. The document and associated files are removed, and the job is no longer displayed in the user’s list of current Web Print jobs. The default idle job timeout is 20 minutes.
web-print.job-rendering-timeout-mins The Web Print server is given this length of time to render a Web Print document. If a print job has not been generated from the document after this time, the job is marked as errored and associated files are removed. The default job rendering timeout is 5 minutes.
web-print.max-copies This is the maximum number of copies a user can print via Web Print. This option exists to prevent users accidentally (or thoughtlessly!) printing too much.
web-print.hot-folder When a user uploads a file via the Web Print interface, it is written into the “hot folder”, along with a .metadata file containing information about how to print the job (the data selected by the user in the Web Print wizard). The Web Print server looks for new files in this folder, and prints them as required. The default hot folder location is [app-path]/server/data/web-print-hot-folder/. You can specify an alternate location using this config key. The location must be local to the PaperCut NG/MF primary server (it cannot be a network share or mapped drive due to Windows denying share access to .the SYSTEM account).
web-print.disable-macros Disable Microsoft Office macros.Values = Y, N, DEFAULTDefault = DEFAULT (Microsoft Office macros are allowed by default).To block Microsoft Office macros, set the value to Y.

The following configuration options are available in the Web Print server configuration file, located at [app-path]/providers/web-print/[platform]/web-print.conf.

Config Name Description
hotfolder The location of the Web Print hot folder. This is generally a mapped drive letter (Windows) or a mount point that maps to a file share (Mac, Linux). It might also be a local path, if the Web Print server software is running on the same system as the PaperCut NG/MF primary server.
debug Set to on to enable debug logging.
options.pdf Set to xpdf to force PDF printing to use the built-in PDF printing routines. Set to acrobat to force PDF printing to use Adobe Reader.