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Multiple personal accounts

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Users in PaperCut NG/MF have a personal balance used to fund their personal printing. This balance can be treated as a bank account used for printing. When the account is out of credit the user can no longer print until more funds are added to the account. By default, users have a single account to store their balance, but this can be too restrictive in some situations. For example, it’s often useful to have separate accounts for “free” print quotas and cash payments.

The multiple personal accounts feature is an advanced feature that has been carefully architected with the assistance and feedback from leading Universities and Colleges from around the globe.

When multiple personal accounts are enabled, a user has multiple accounts with credit available for printing. Each account is a separate pool of credit that adheres to the following rules:

  • Credit is deducted from the available funds in the order configured by the administrator.

  • If the designated account does not have enough credit, the next account in sequence is used until all of the credit is used.

  • If a print job costs more than the total credit in all accounts, the job is disallowed.

From the perspective of the end user little changes when multiple accounts are enabled:

  • The total balance of all accounts is displayed in the User Client, Release Station, and User web interface.

  • Printing, quotas, TopUp/Pre-Paid cards and all other PaperCut NG/MF features work the same with multiple accounts as they do with a single account.

  • The fact that there are multiple balances can optionally be effectively hidden from the user.

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