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Bulk shared account operations

A bulk shared account operation refers to an operation that is applied to more than one shared account. There are occasions where the same task needs to be performed on multiple accounts. With a large number of shared accounts, it can take too long to perform the task manually on each one; this is where bulk account operations are useful.

Bulk account actions are in the Actions list on the Accounts tab.

Some examples of where bulk account operations might come in useful include:

  • Resetting shared account balances at the start of a new billing period.

  • Introducing a new printing policy or account model that needs to be rolled out across all shared accounts.

  • Temporarily disabling shared accounts. For example, over the holiday period when there should be no shared account based printing.

  • Giving to a particular group access to all shared accounts.

You can perform the following tasks through bulk account operations:

  • Adjust of set the accounts’ credit (perform a transaction)

  • Change the accounts’ restriction status

  • Disable the accounts for a specified period of time

  • Change the invoicing option

  • Change the comments option

  • Change the cost multiplier

  • Change the security settings

  • Change quota scheduling settings