Available in PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

Advanced configuration & logs

The majority of PaperCut NG/MF configuration is conducted in the Application ServerAn Application Server is the primary server program responsible for providing the PaperCut user interface, storing data, and providing services to users. PaperCut uses the Application Server to manage user and account information, manage printers, calculate print costs, provide a web browser interface to administrators and end users, and much more.'s web interface. Some additional configuration options are available in the following configuration files:

Advanced Configuration
Config File Comments
~/server/server.properties Contains server configuration including the default admin password, the server's TCP port and external database connection parameters.
~/providers/print/linux-x64/print-provider.conf The Print ProviderA Print Provider is a monitoring service installed on a secondary print server to allow PaperCut to control and track printers. This monitoring component intercepts the local printing and reports the use back to the primary Application Server.'s configuration file used by both the SambaSamba is a Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix. It is used to integrate Linux/Unix servers and desktops into Active Directory environments. It can function as both a domain controller or as a regular domain member. and CUPSCommon User Printing System (CUPS) is a printing system for Unix operating systems that allows a computer to act as a print server. A computer running CUPS is a host that can accept print jobs from client computers, process them, and send them to the appropriate printer. Print Providers. This file defines items such as the Application Server's IP address and port, process timeouts and other.

Advanced logging

Most important application logging is available via the Application Log tab of the Admin web interface. Some additional advanced level logging is maintained in standard text files located at:



Administrators can consult these logs when attempting to diagnose or troubleshoot problems.

Maintain correct user name when print jobs are redirected on CUPS

When print jobs on CUPS are redirected to a second print queueA print queue displays information about documents that are waiting to be printed, such as the printing status, document owner, and number of pages to print. You can use the print queue to view, pause, resume, restart, and cancel print jobs. the job seems to come from a user account called lp. Note that the job is still correctly tracked against the user and the approriate accounts are charged as needed. However, some users can be confused when their jobs appear to be printed by another user at the device.

Administrators can edit the file ~/providers/print/linux-x64/print-provider.conf and uncomment the RedirectCommand entry. This forces PaperCut NG/MF to pass the user's name to the CUPS subsystem on redirection. This is not the default behaviour as it can cause authentication problems, depending on how your network printer queues are configured, and you should verifty that users can still print after making this change.