Available in PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

Link a print queue to a printer


This is the original, manual method of deploying Direct PrintingDirect Printing allows you to print directly from a desktop to a printer, without the need for a print server. (serverless printing).

Now there's a much simpler and faster method, called Print Deploy. For more information and setup details, head over to the Print Deploy Help Center.

  1. Click the Printers tab.

    The Printer List page is displayed.

  2. This list includes all printers and unlinked print queues.

    Printers that are configured for Direct Printing can be either:

    • printer with linked print queues—printers with linked print queues are indicated by an icon containing a number greater than one after the printer name ( )

    • print queues that are not linked to a printer—print queues that are not linked to a printer are indicated by an icon containing 1 after the printer name ()


    To view the queues linked to a printer, see View linked print queues.

  3. Check the Printer List for any unlinked print queues.

  4. If there is an unlinked print queueA print queue displays information about documents that are waiting to be printed, such as the printing status, document owner, and number of pages to print. You can use the print queue to view, pause, resume, restart, and cancel print jobs. in this list, click the printer to which you want to link the print queue.

    The Printer Details: Summary page is displayed.

  5. Click the Queues tab.

    This page displays a list of all print queues and the name of the computer on which the print queue is hosted.

  6. In the Actions menu, click Link another print queue.

    The Link another print queue popup is displayed.

  7. In the list, select one or more print queues that you want to link to the printer.

  8. Click Link.


    Any configuration for the linked print queue is overridden by the printer configuration.

The following message is displayed on the Application Log page:

Linked print queue “tw7x64\Kyocery Copystar 500ci" with printer “Ricoh Aficio MP C3000 PCL6"