Available in PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

Run a Central Report

Access Central ReportsCentral Reports provide a consolidated data and reporting view across multiple Application Servers. Central Reports provide a large subset of the same reports that provided by the standard PaperCut reporting feature. at the URL https://[server-name]:9192/central-reports. The following tabs are displayed:

  1. Status - check the remote server status and whether you are ready to run reports

  2. Reports - generate on-demand and scheduled reports

Status tab

The Status tab shows the status of each configured remote server and displays any errors that prevent Central Reports from running.

Reports cannot be generated if any server has an error. Typical errors include:

  1. Failing to connect to the database (incorrect authentication, firewall blocking access, configuration error).

  2. Servers have mismatched application versions or database types.

Central Reports tab

The Central Reports tab shows the reports available under Central Reports and allows reports to be generated on demand or to be scheduled for email delivery. Central Reports provides a sub-set of the reports available in the Admin web interface Reports page, but the usage is the same. Refer to Reports for instructions on how to run reports and configure filtersFilters allow you to control attributes of the print settings by either forcing a particular attribute or denying a a print job that does not meet specific criteria. There are two types of print filters: conversions and restrictions..

Select the Schedule / Email Reports tab to schedule Central Reports for periodic generation and automatically have them emailed to the appropriate people in your organization.