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XML metadata file

You can generate an XML metadata file for every Scan to Email and Scan to Folder job delivery. You can upload this XML file to your document management system to make document upload easier.


XML metadata is not currently supported for Scan to Cloud Storage.

To generate an XML metadata file:

  1. Select Devices > Scan Actions.

    The Scan Actions page is displayed with a list of all available scan actions.

  2. Select a scan action.
  3. In the Document area, select the Include scanned metadata (as XML file) check box.

  4. Click OK.

For more information, see Set up Integrated Scanning. An XML file with the same name as the scanned image(s), is delivered to the scan job destination, that is, the scan job email or network folder.

The following elements can be included in a generated XML metadata file under the scan root element:

Table 50: Integrated Scanning XML metadata elements
Element Description
accountName The name of the PaperCut MF shared or personal account from which the scan was sent. This is the account the user selected on the Multifunction Device.
date The local date and time at which the file was created.
deviceName The name of the device used to create the document.
fields The list of scan action fields.
fields.field The details of the scan action field.
fields.field.label The display label for the scan action field.
fields.field.value The value for the scan action field.
files The list of files produced by the scan job. Each scan job can have multiple files.
files.file The filename for the file.
jobId A unique identifier for the scan job.
name The scan action label.
settings The list of settings for the scan job.
settings.fileType The type of file being sent (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DOCX).
settings.ocrEnabled Indicates whether OCR is enabled for the file type (true) or disabled for the file type (false).
type The type of scan action (email or folder).
user The user’s information.
user.department The user’s department. This element can be empty. The user’s email address. This element can be empty.
user.groups The list of groups to which the user belongs. This element can be empty. PaperCut MF's auto-generated groups All Users and Internal Users are excluded from this list. The name of the group. The user’s username. The user’s office name. This element can be empty.

Below is an example of generated XML metadata:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <scan version="1.0"> <accountName>Finance</accountName> <date>2018-09-15 09:12:16</date> <deviceName>device\Sharp_room01</deviceName> <fields> <field> <label>To</label> <value></value> </field> <field> <label>Subject</label> <value>Your scan (Scan to my email)</value> </field> <field> <label>Filename</label> <value>scan_t_2018-09-15</value> </field> </fields> <files> <file>scan_t_2018-09-15_1.pdf</file> <file>scan_t_2018-09-15_2.pdf</file> </files> <jobId>d5763b8a-3639-409b-99ca-c6e7f701b77e</jobId> <name>Scan to my email</name> <settings> <fileType>DOCX</fileType> <ocrEnabled>true</ocrEnabled> </settings> <type>email</type> <user> <department>Development</department> <office>Arizona</office> <email></email> <groups> <group>Finance users</group> </groups> <name>joe_downey</name> </user> </scan>


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