Test order submission

Using a test Job Ticketing user, place an order for each of the available products.


To switch between the Operator and Customer interface:

  1. Click the arrow next to your user name in the top right of the screen; then select Switch to operator view or Switch to customer view depending on which interface you currently have open.
  1. Log in to the User web interfaceThe User web interface provide a range of services for users, including a summary of usage and balance history, a list of the shared accounts that the user can use for printing, the current costs for printing usage, ability to add balance by using a TopUp/Pre-Paid Card or an external payment system (when using the payment gateway module), transfer funds to other users, view a history of balance transactions, view a list of the user's recent printing, and view print jobs pending release (when using a Release Station). as a test user.
  2. Click Print Rooms / FabLabs.
  3. Select a product.
  4. Submit the order. For more information, see Submit an order for a customer
  5. In the Operator interface, check that the order is in the New status.

  6. Repeat for all products.

Next step: Test order processing