Place a Print Room or FabLab order

You can place a Job Ticketing order in the following ways:

Place an online order

  1. Log in to the Job Ticketing User interface.
  2. Click Print Rooms & FabLabs.
  3. Click the product you want to order.
    A description of the product is displayed below the product listing.

  4. Click Start Order.

  5. Click Browse Files; then select the file to be printed. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a file.

    • If you accidentally upload the wrong file, you need to click Cancel and start again.

    • If you want to upload multiple files, create a zip file.

  6. Complete the order details. The settings vary depending on the product you have selected.

  7. Click Submit.

    A popup message with an order number is displayed in the bottom right of the screen.


    To return to the Job Ticketing User interface:

    1. Click the drop-down list next to your user name.

    2. Select Job Ticketing User interface.

Place an order in person at your print room

If you want to place an order directly at a print room, make sure you have either an electronic or hard copy of the file to be printed. If you only have a hard copy, you must place your order at the print room. The operator will enter your order into Job Ticketing. You will be able to see the order on the Job Ticketing in the User web interfaceThe User web interface provide a range of services for users, including a summary of usage and balance history, a list of the shared accounts that the user can use for printing, the current costs for printing usage, ability to add balance by using a TopUp/Pre-Paid Card or an external payment system (when using the payment gateway module), transfer funds to other users, view a history of balance transactions, view a list of the user's recent printing, and view print jobs pending release (when using a Release Station)..

What’s next?

The print room will process your order and let you know the status of the job as well as any other relevant information while it is being processed. During this process, you will likely need to:

If you change your mind about an order after submitting it, you can Cancel an order.


You cannot change an order after it has been submitted. This is because the print room might have already started processing your job. If you want to change an order, add a comment in the order saying what you want to do and the print room will contact you.