Configure delivery options


The delivery options (available in the Delivery field on the New Order form) are defined in a JSON configuration file. Delivery options is a global setting that applies to all products in Job Ticketing. For more information about JSON, see:

Delivery option attributes

Each delivery option is defined by the following attributes.





The name of the option as it is displayed in the Delivery Options field.


The text that is displayed under the Delivery options field when an option is selected.


The name of any additional text field that is displayed when the option is selected. For example, for Courier Delivery, the customer would need to enter a delivery address, so detailsLabel would be set to “Address”. If there are no additional fields that a customer needs to complete, set detailsLabel to null.

cost The cost for the delivery option. This is required only if you want to provide cost estimates on the New Order form. For more information about cost estimates, see Configure costs.

To configure the delivery options

To configure the available delivery options:

  1. In a text editor that supports syntax highlighting and JSON parsing (for example, ATOM), open the following file:

    <Job Ticketing install path>/job-ticketing/config/rooms/room-01/delivery-options.json

  2. Modify the existing Delivery option attributes as required.

    If you want additional delivery options, copy an existing option and change the values as needed.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Validate the Job Ticketing configuration:

    1. In the Operator interface, in the bottom left corner of the screen, click the Settings icon ().

    2. Click the General tab.

    3. In the Room configuration area, click Refresh.

      The configuration file is validated.

      If there are any syntax errors, they are displayed on the screen.

    4. If you have any errors, fix them; then click Refresh to check the files again.

  5. Check that the delivery options are correctly displayed on the new order form:
    1. In the Operator interface, click the arrow next to your user name in the top right of the screen; then select Switch to customer view.

      To switch back to the Operator interface, click the arrow next to your user name in the top right of the screen; then select Switch to operator view.

    2. Select a product; then click Start Order.

    3. Scroll to the Delivery Options section.

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