Configure the database storage location

By default, the Job Ticketing Ticketing database is located in the following location:

<install path>/job-ticketing/data/derby

You can, however, change this location. To change the storage location:

  1. Stop the Job Ticketing service.
  2. Copy the <install path>/job-ticketing/data/derby folder to the new location.


    You can rename this folder if required.

  3. Open the following file in a text editor:

    <install path>/job-ticketing/config/

  4. Locate the following line in the file:

    database-location=<database location>

  5. Change <database location> to your required location:

    This can be:

    • a relative path from the <install path>/job-ticketing/ folder. For example, database-location=data/database
    • an absolute path. For example, database-location=c:/data/job-ticketing/database

    In Windows, to separate the folders in the path, you can use either:

    • a single forward slash—For example, database-location=c:/data/job-ticketing/database.
    • double back slashes—For example, database-location=c:\\data\\job-ticketing\\database.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Restart the Job Ticketing service.
  8. When you’ve tested that everything works, delete the original <install path>/job-ticketing/data/derby folder.