Cost calculation functions (For Loop)

If you have complex cost calculations, you might find it easier to define each one in a separate function that is then referenced in a <name>CostLineItem variable in the estimateCost(order)function. You might consider using a separate function if your cost calculation involves a For Loop.

For Loops are handy if you modify the number of Binding options available, or add/remove custom fields on a regular basis. Using a For Loop means you do not need to know the exact position of a sub-attribute within the configuration. You can simply traverse the Binding options available (for example) and match on it. If you don't use a For Loop, you will need to update your cost script every time you change a sub-attribute in the product configuration file.

The structure of this function is as follows:

  • Define the function and pass in the order object
  • Declare the variables
  • Define the variables
  • Define the cost calculation value
  • Return the a value to the calling function

For each variable, you need to define the text that is displayed. You can use any JavaScript language features, however, for more detail about defining the Job Ticketing script variables, see Using variables


This example shows a function that checks the value assigned to each selected sub-attribute option (for example, the selected color), for each sub-attribute (for example, Color and Coil thickness) under the Coil Binding option.

1. Define the function and pass in the order object
function calculateBindingCost(order) {
2. Declare the variables
var items = []; var total = 0; var numberOfSubAttributes = 0; var coilBindingCost = 0; var coilThicknessCost = 0; var coilBindingColorCost = 0;
3. Define the variables
// Check if an option with sub-attributes was selected // (e.g. Coil Binding) if (order.binding.attributes) { // Obtain the number of sub-attributes so we can loop through // to check the value of each selected option (for coil binding, // we would loop through: coil thickness + color) numberOfSubAttributes = order.binding.attributes.length; // If the sub-attribute has one or more option, // check each option value sequentially if (numberOfSubAttributes > 0) { // Loop through for (var i = 0; i < numberOfSubAttributes; i++) { // Grab the cost of the selected coil thickness option // (e.g. cost of thick coil, medium coil, or thin coil) if (order.binding.attributes[i].name == "Coil thickness") { coilThicknessCost = order.binding.attributes [i].option.cost; } // Grab the cost of the selected color option // (e.g. cost of blue, red, navy) if (order.binding.attributes[i].name == "Color") { coilBindingColorCost = order.binding.attributes [i].option.cost; } } } }
4. Define the cost calculation value
coilBindingCost = coilThicknessCost + coilBindingColorCost;
5. Return a value to the calling function
return coilBindingCost; }