Send comments to a customer

You can communicate with customers by adding comments to an order. These comments might be:

  • informative—for example, there is a delay in the processing, the submitted file type is not supported, you want to reject a job, or provide a quote.
  • requests for information from a customer—for example, the delivery address is incomplete, or request the approval of a proof.

When you post a comment to a customer, an email notification is automatically sent to the customer. The email includes the recent comments as well as a Reply link.


An error message is displayed next to the comment, if the email notification could not be sent. Contact your Job Ticketing administrator, if the problem persists.

To send a comment to a customer:

  1. Log in to the Job Ticketing Operator interface.
  2. In either the Workflow or Order List view, click the order to which you want to add comments.
  3. Scroll to the Comments area at the bottom of the page.
    All of the comments by both you and the Job Ticketing operator are displayed.
  4. Click Customer Reply.
  5. Enter your comment.
  6. Click Post.