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Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Hiding or Showing the PaperCut Icon in the Dock on macOS

There are a couple of options for tidying up the Dock in macOS depending on what version of PaperCut you’re running: Hide the Icon in the Dock for Mac clients (all versions of PaperCut) Install the PaperCut Client for Mac Rig

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Configure the ability to view attributes of print jobs at the device

By default, PaperCut MF displays the following attributes of print jobs at the device: Account Balance Cost TIP If users are able to see print jobs printed by other users (eg. delegated print release, anonymous access, or if the device allo

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Configure your Mobility Print server behind a Network Load Balancer

A Network Load Balancer helps to effectively spread the load of incoming print requests across all print servers that sit behind the load balancer. This provides two benefits: Benefit 1: SysAdmins can easily increase load capabilities simpl

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Printer load balancing

Printer load balancing means distributing the printing load between two or more printers. While this can be implemented quite effectively by relying on users to pick a printer that is free, thereby distributing the load, the term generally

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Corporate Billing Scenario

A number of customers use PaperCut successfully for billing clients for their operational printing/copying/faxing/scanning costs for particular projects. For more information about Client Billing, take a look at the Client Billing Print Tra

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Application Server Failover for High Availability

Foreword The coveted 99% uptime is strived for by more and more organizations throughout their business. This doesn’t stop at printing. Organizations large and small want to know that their Print Management solution and broader printing i

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Find-Me printing and printer load balancing

This section covers two powerful features: printer load balancing and “Find-Me” printing. Find-Me printing—solves the problem of finding the closest printer from a long list of available printers. It is a roaming print service that al

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Configure the User Client using the command line

The User Client is used to display user balances, system notifications, and request information from the users. This is discussed in more detail in User Client. The User Client implements a number of command-line options that change its beh

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User web interface

NOTE There is also a new User web interface, which has improved accessibility performance. You can use either one. For more information, see User web interface - new. User web interface - new. The User web interface is accessed either via t

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