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Copier Tracking & Control

Copier Tracking & Control Hey, you’ve landed on a page that we’ve updated and made even better! Go see the new section on our website called Discover. This Discover section provides you with everything you need to know and covers storie

Print control software designed for EduGeeks

A Geeky EduGeek Competition Supporting the community in the geekiest way we can think of Competition Brief Prizes Prizes Prizes Our Scripts Want to Play? It's all over! Check out the Results here Due to an "accidental" ;-) over order of Ras

External System and Integration APIs

The following API documentation is provided to support system integrators wishing to undertake development to hook PaperCut in with other systems. Reasons for considering integration include: Real-time integration with other accounting and/

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Hiding the Balance Window of the User Client Tool

The PaperCut user client tool will, by default, pop up a dialog with the user’s balance when it starts. The exception to this case is when the user cannot charge to their personal account. For example, if the user’s Account Selection se

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Advanced Customization of the User Web Interface - Javascript examples

The following are example JavaScript snippets that can be used to customize the User web interface. Functions from the JavaScript library JQuery are used in many of the examples below. Documentation on the JQuery site may assist with additi

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Integrations & customizations

We’re all for people making things that make PaperCut better. That’s why we have one of the biggest collections of third-party integrations around. They’re all tried and tested with our customers, so give them a whirl to take your Pap

Basic user operations

The user section is dedicated to user management. Common user oriented tasks include assigning additional credit to users, viewing a user’s activity, and controlling user privileges. Users in PaperCut NG/MF can be assigned either: Restric

NG/MF Manual

PaperCut MF Live Demo

Experience PaperCut MF right now before downloading the PaperCut NG 40-day trial. Get a taste for PaperCut MF today See what administration is like as a PaperCut Sys-Admin or explore what your users will see. LIVE DEMO Administrator View Se

Example 1: Printing with the popup confirmation window

New software to manage printing costs has been installed on the network. To allow effective printing, make sure you understand the following points: Popup Confirmation dialog After sending a print job, a popup dialog is displayed asking you

NG/MF Manual

How to quickly add or remove credit from users

“Help! I’m a PaperCut Administrator, and I’ve forgotten how to add or remove credit for a single user!” Luckily it’s easy and can be done in 5 steps! Login to the PaperCut NG/MF Admin interface. Click the Users tab on the left sid

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