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Web Tools in detail


PaperCut Quota has been superseded by PaperCut NG which has all the features of PaperCut Quota and much more. Read more ...

The PaperCut "Web Tools" provides a familiar and secure web environment for you to perform day-to-day user administration from any machine on your network without the need to install any software.

The Web Tools are broken into two sections:

  • Administration Pages only accessible to authorized users who have access to view, edit and update users' details such as their account balance and restrictions.
  • User Tools to let users monitor their own usage in real-time and take control of their own print and internet usage, without having to contact the administrators. This means PaperCut almost manages itself, and means less work for network administrators.

Let's start a short tour of the web tool features ...

Administration - List user accounts

  • List all PaperCut users
  • Summarises users' print and internet usage


Administration - Modify credit

  • View and modify user credit
  • Change account restriction
  • Add and optional comment describing the reason for the change


Administration - Usage Reports

  • Understand how your print and internet resources are used
  • Single click to export report data to Excel for analysis
  • Predefined quick reports, including reports:
    • Top Print Users (by both print jobs and total pages)
    • Busiest Printers (by both print jobs and total pages)
    • Top Intenet Users (by both data downloaded and time used)
    • Largest print jobs
    • Most expensive print jobs
    • and more ...
  • Define your own reports using many report parameters
    • Report Type: Summary by User, Summary by Printer, Detailed logs
    • Filter by user, printer, time period or document name
    • Sort by date, user, printer, pages printed, Internet data downloaded, etc
  • For more info on the web tools see the usage reports tour.


Administration - Other Charges

  • Allows administration staff to manually assign other charges for your users
  • Examples of other charges could include (but these can be customized):
    • Special printer paper, like photo paper or transparencies
    • Binding fees
    • Late payment fees
    • or even library fines ...
  • Custimizable drop down list of standard charges
  • Enter an optional comment to describe the reason for the charge


Administration - View recent transactions

  • View most recent transactions for all users
  • Shows credit adjustments, automated credits, printer and internet use, transfers and top-ups
  • Users can view their recent transactions


Administration - View recent print jobs

  • View most recent print jobs for all users
  • Shows printer name, document name, number of pages, cost, etc
  • Users can view their recent print jobs


Administration - View recent internet usage

  • View most recent internet usage for all users
  • For each user and day lists megabytes and time used and amount charged
  • Users can view their recent print jobs


User Tools - Account summary

  • Users can check their credit
  • Lists print and internet usage


User Tools - Transfer credit to other users

  • Ideal for group projects
  • Can be disabled by the administrator if not required
  • Enter a optional comment that describes the reason for the transfer


User Tools - TopUp Cards™ / PrePaid Cards


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