Project Myrtle COMPLETE

Take control of your MFDs

Create powerful scripts to cut costs, improve copying, and change the way people use MFDs for the better.

Project Myrtle illustration

Device Scripting brings the power of print scripting to the MFD for better copying, flexible pricing, and more.

Using our editor and template โ€œrecipesโ€ that do everything from limit color copying to restrict shared account selection, you can create your own handy scripts to do even more.

Best of all, it's ready to use with PaperCut 19.1 right now.


What can Device Scripting do?

Plenty. The following examples are just a taster โ€“ so if you can think it, chances are you can script it as well.

Set copying limits to cut costs

Allow black-and-white copying only, cap quotas for color copying, and send out notification emails for larger jobs.

Project Myrtle illustration
Project Myrtle illustration

Control pricing to keep budgets on point

Set prices for copy, fax, and scan actions on the fly, assign different pricing for different user groups, or even create your own pricing model from scratch.

Restrict MFD use to regulate everyday use

Block users, teams, or departments from using particular MFDs, or limit how they can use them in more granular ways.

Project Myrtle illustration

1 editor + 12 scripts we prepared earlier

Classic and inspired recipes – all editable and saveable as new scripts to do new things. Check out the following samples.

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Set daily limits for color copying
Price Lowering icon
Give discounts for copying and scanning
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Block MFD logins over weekends
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Restrict selectable accounts at the MFD

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