PaperCut NG Version Check

There is a new version of PaperCut NG available!

For details about changes to the Windows installer, click here.

For information about what has changed, see the release history page. It is important to read the recommended upgrade instructions to ensure a smooth upgrade.

Our releases follow a long-established upgrade policy.

Should I upgrade?

This is not a mandatory upgrade. You may continue to use your existing PaperCut installation. We recommend considering the upgrade if:

  1. You have a use for any of the new features. Please see our release history page for details on what's new.
  2. You have a period of low network activity (e.g. break, end of term, etc.) or are undertaking server maintenance it's always a good time to consider upgrading PaperCut.

How do I upgrade?

Existing PaperCut NG users may upgrade with an install-over-the-top procedure. You may wish to read the following article for more information:

Information for PaperCut NG users (versions 6 through to 19)

Upgrading from PaperCut NG (version 6 through to 19) to version 20.0 is a 'major' version upgrade. You will need to purchase a license upgrade, in line with our long established upgrade policy, except in the following circumstances (where the upgrade is free):

  • You have current Maintenance & Support.
  • You purchased PaperCut NG less than 3 months before the major upgrade was released
    (your existing license will work with PaperCut NG 20.0)

License upgrades can be purchased via our online order system. If you have questions or require additional information, please email