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Release History (v6)

PaperCut NG Release History Version 6

Release history for newer versions


2 November 2006 - PaperCut 6.3 (Build 4060)

  • Added improved support for Canon and Epson printers when hosted on a Mac server.
  • Allow the "unauthenticated" setting to be set using the "Bulk User Actions" screen.
  • Fixed problem with release stations that caused non-admin users to be able to close the release station.
  • Improved page analysis for plotters using HPGL printer language.
  • Fix problem with Canon PCL5 drivers.
  • Various optimizations and improved support for Windows Vista.
  • Fixed problem where the "perform-online-backup" server-command, would not perform a backup if automated backups were disabled.
  • Various documentation improvements.

23 October 2006 - PaperCut 6.3 (Build 4022)

  • Added 12 new reports for improved analysis of printer usage. In particular a there are a number of new reports to summarise printing by group and printer.
  • Improved layout of reports listed in the "Reports" screen.
  • Change potentially long reports that provide grouped data, to now start a new group on a new page.
  • Added support for Canon UFR2 print drivers.
  • Add support for automatically refunding CUPS print jobs if job is failed to be delivered to printer (i.e. CUPS back-end fails).
  • Fixed N-Up printing for Acrobat 5 on Mac.
  • Fixed copy count problem that occurred with some CUPS printers on Linux.
  • Improved layout of reports headers when header content is long (e.g. when translated header text is long).
  • If an administrator is restricted to a subset of printers, do not allow them to 'reset counts on all printers'.
  • Fix error that could occur saving the Admin rights if many administrators were defined.
  • Stability/usability improvements as a result of errors submitted to us using the error reporting feature.
  • Significant updates to translations for German, Dutch and Portuguese. Minor updates of French, Spanish and Chinese (simplified and traditional).

13 October 2006 - PaperCut 6.3 (Build 3992)

  • Added a new admin ACL to restrict administrator access to a subset of printers.
  • Added a spool size print filter, so that jobs larger than a specified size can be denied.
  • Added a duplex/simplex print filter, so that jobs can be denied based on duplex status.
  • On the print job list screens:
    • Added filter to search for print jobs based on status (printed/cancelled/refunded).
    • Added filter to search for print jobs denied for particular reasons. For example, this makes it easy to search for documents that were denied because they contained too many pages.
    • Clarified terminology used in the print status column.
  • Refunded print jobs are no longer included in summary reports.
  • Updates to the software release station protocol. NOTE: If you are using software release stations, they must be upgraded.
  • Fixed error that occurred running the 'Shared Account summary report by user' when running on SQL Server.
  • If a group filter is applied to the User List page, the group filter is now applied to the export report.
  • Do not import Active Directory users with user names like "SystemMailbox{*}". These are created by Microsoft Exchange.
  • Stability/usability improvements as a result of errors submitted to us using the error reporting feature.
  • Improvements to Linux start-up script to avoid two instances of PaperCut from being started.
  • Improved N-UP detection for Postscript printer drivers.
  • Improved page size detection for Kyocera PCL drivers.
  • Fixed duplex detection for Dell Postscript printers.
  • Fixed page count problems with Ricoh RPCS drivers.
  • Various documentation/help improvements.
  • Updated .NET server command proxy to work with version 2 of the XML-RPC library.
  • Significant updates to translations for Dutch, Spanish, Chinese (simplified and traditional). Minor updates of Portuguese and Greek.

22 September 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3904)

  • Linux/Mac: Added support for fast popup notification in CUPS. User print popups will now appear as soon as the job enters the queue instead of just prior to the job printing.
  • Improved LDAP behavior and performance for large LDAP servers.
  • Added various "server-command" and web service APIs to allow manipulation of shared accounts (e.g. add, remove, sync, change user/group security, etc).
  • Improved display of paper sizes in print log screens.
  • Add an option to automatically synchronize users from the domain nightly.
  • Improved transaction comment for quota allocations so it is simpler to identify the source of quota allocations.
  • Added support for Xerox wide-format plotters.
  • Improved page size detection for Canon GARO print drivers.
  • Improved copy count and duplex detection for OKI postscript drivers.
  • Improved N-Up detection for Dell Postscript printers.

8 September 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3841)

  • Linux/Mac: Added support for fast popup notification in CUPS. User print popups will now appear as soon as the job enters the queue instead of just prior to the job printing.
  • Improved LDAP behavior and performance for large LDAP servers.
  • Added various "server-command" and web service APIs to allow manipulation of shared accounts (e.g. add, remove, sync, change user/group security, etc).
  • Improved display of paper sizes in print log screens.
  • Add an option to automatically synchronize users from the domain nightly.
  • Improved transaction comment for quota allocations so it is simpler to identify the source of quota allocations.
  • Added support for Xerox wide-format plotters.
  • Improved page size detection for Canon GARO print drivers.
  • Improved copy count and duplex detection for OKI postscript drivers.
  • Improved N-Up detection for Dell Postscript printers.

8 September 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3841)

  • Make negative balances appear in red so they are easy to identify.
  • In the print log screens, if the document name is a URL make it into a hyperlink.
  • Improved paper size matching for ISO papersize.
  • Added oversize paper sizes to filters and cost settings (RA and SRA sizes).
  • Improved database connection pool settings to reduce system and database resource usage during periods of low activity.
  • Allow the "Until I logout" option to be set as the default timeout for client authentication.
  • Fix problem listing print history for a printer when the printer name contains [] characters (when running on SQL Server only).
  • Fix report error that can occur in rare circumstances.
  • Fix minor display issue on print log screens.
  • Improved display of print job cost, which produced unexpected results in some circumstances.
  • Fix displaying of Chinese characters in the release station.
  • Added support for the Canon UFR print language.
  • Mac: Improved installer and fixes to the scripts to configure CUPS.
  • Allow errors that appear in the user interface to be submitted to PaperCut for analysis.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Update the PostgreSQL database driver.

29 August 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3794)

  • Various new reports summarizing printing activity by user, printer and shared account.
  • Added support for Fuji PLW print language.
  • Improved translations for German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Fix to apply "unauthenticated users" setting from "[All Users]" group when new users are created.
  • Fix problem running group print summary report from Group page.

18 August 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3758)

  • Improved the user client to perform popup authentication. This can be used in environments where print queues do no require authentication or where users login to workstations using generic accounts. For more information see the popup authentication section in the manual.
  • Reporting improvements:
    • Added a new Shared Account report to provide a detailed summary of printing for each account.
    • Added total rows to reports.
    • Other visual improvements.
  • Implemented a custom extension mechanism to allow custom extensions to be developed. e.g. to add credit to users account using a credit card gateway.
  • Added support for using a custom logo in the user client.
  • Added regular expression support for document name filters.
  • Ignore locally mapped printers when logging on to a Citrix server.
  • Added "server-command" to add credit to all users in a group.
  • Additional admin access control options.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Added simple command-line release station for Linux.
  • Improved support for Mac PDF printing methods.
  • Improved Postscript support.
  • Added support for Canon GARO printer drivers.
  • Improved CUPS integration on Mac and Linux.
  • Fixed occasional problem starting the user client on Mac.
  • Improved robustness when listing of Active Directory groups and Org units.
  • Fixed problem batch importing Shared Accounts.
  • Installer improvements for Mac.
  • Added initial Japanese and Spanish translations.

13 July 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3627)

  • Fix problem when upgrading SQL Server databases after installing Build 3617. Please contact support if you encountered this problem.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Minor improvements to Mac OS X install process.

07 July 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3617)

  • Implement batch importing/updating of Shared Accounts.
  • Allow printing to be disabled for specific users for a given period of time.
  • Add web-service APIs and command-line tool to enable/disable user printing.
  • Improvements to reports so that long document names are not truncated.
  • Improvements to support CUPS 1.2 on Linux.
  • Changes to allow a very large number of printers to be ignored.
  • Additional documentation on how to customize the user client.
  • Fixes for using LDAP user source with Active Directory.
  • Fix problem displaying backslashes in printer names in winpopup messages.
  • Allow SSL for LDAP connections to be enabled during setup wizard.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translations.

26 May 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3537)

  • Improved scalability of Windows print provider when receiving print jobs through LPR (Windows Print Services for Unix) or IPP (Internet Printing Protocol).
  • Improved scalability when handling many print jobs awaiting user account selection or to be printed from a release station.
  • Add an option to disable account selection print popups for a printer, overriding the setting for the user that printed. This allows the silent monitoring of a printer, in an environment where the print popups are used elsewhere.
  • Add option to hide the "Details" link in the user client tool.
  • Add option to hide the document cost from the print popup in user client tool.
  • Allow the user client on the Mac to be run as a user different to the logged on user.
  • Fix to Mac installer to correctly set execute permissions on script files.
  • Improvements to documentation for Mac installations, and for customizing the user web pages.
  • Added support for the Zebra label printer.
  • Minor updates to French, Portuguese and Dutch translations.

18 May 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3511)

  • Added admin access control lists, so that the administrator can delegate access to a subset of admin functionality to other users. This is a much requested feature that will be helpful for customers with many users or PaperCut deployed across multiple sites.
  • Various improvements to the Mac OS X version.
  • Added support for SSL connections to LDAP servers.
  • Improved copy count detection for Kyocera printers.
  • Include seconds in the text-based print job log.
  • Allow the user to configure the amount of time to wait for a response from the client popup before deleting the print job.
  • Fix problem with release station where print jobs were not listed if network username contained both upper and lower case.
  • Fixed rare crash in the Windows print provider that could occur if a print job was being processed during a 5 second period once every 8 hours.

5 May 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3472)

  • Fix problems that can cause crashes in the User client on windows with some display drivers.
  • Improved color detection for some Espon inkjet printers.
  • Improved print popup notification speed when using CUPS print provider on Linux or Mac.
  • Improved support for Mac Safari browser.
  • Added documentation describing how to use the free Microsoft SQL Server Express as an external database.
  • Fixed problem that could occur when using user name filter regexes (typically used in Novell environments).
  • Included complete Portuguese translation contributed by our Brazilian reseller, Interamericana.
  • Minor updates to the Italian, Dutch and French translations.

12 Apr 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3423)

  • Greatly improve the speed of user client print popup notifications. They are now sent when the job enters the queue rather than after analysis. The speed improvement will be most noticeable on large documents or on networks where documents are slow to spool.

    NOTE: It is recommended that all user clients be upgraded. Older clients will continue to work but the page count and document cost information will not be displayed. To revert to the old popup notification behavior, set the "PreNotifications" setting to "off" in the print provider config file.
  • Allow the print popup selection to be applied to all documents in the queue, without having to respond to each document individually.
  • Display the number of jobs pending in the queue in the client popup.
  • Optimized Postscript analysis resulting in a 10-times speed improvement.
  • Fixed duplex detection for some PCL6-based printers (i.e. Kyocera FS-1800).
  • Documentation improvements including a new chapter descibing how to configure PaperCut in various scenarios.
  • Allow the login logo to be customized to match the organization's intranet.
  • Added some additional web-service APIs to retrieve printer statistics.
  • Improvements to the Active Directory synchronization to provide the option to only import 'enabled' users.
  • Access to the admin pages can be restricted to a subset of network addresses.
  • Fix error displaying TopUp card list under some circumstances.
  • Linux: Improvements to startup scripts to better support Redhat Enterprise Linux.

7 Apr 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3400)

  • Fixed a security related issue that may arises when running on Linux and using LDAP for authentication against a Windows Active Directory. Users fitting this situation should upgrade as a priority.
  • Add card-based authentication (e.g. swipe cards) to release station.
  • Allow card number and notes to be imported using the batch user import file function.
  • Improve robustness of install-over-the-top upgrades.
  • Fixed problem with the user client local installer.
  • Updated Finnish, Italian and German translations.

5 Apr 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3387)

  • Improvements to user client behavior on laptops after resuming from hibernation/sleep.
    NOTE: It is recommended to upgrade clients running on either Windows or Mac laptops.
  • Improvements to paper size detection for Postscript documents printed from Adobe Illustrator.
  • Updated German, Italian, French, Dutch and Greek translations.

31 Mar 2006 - PaperCut 6.2 (Build 3365) - Window

We're proud to announce the release of PaperCut 6.2. The major feature added in this release is support for Print Release Stations. This release includes the following changes:

  • Add support for Print Release Stations (See the product tour for more information).
  • Add user-level overrides of printer settings. Individual users can now:
    • Be charged at a different rate for printing
    • Bypass printer level filters
    • Bypass the use of release stations
  • Improved the layout and clarity of print job attributes in print log screens.
  • Improved logging of non-standard paper sizes.
  • Simplified the automated installation and configuration of secondary servers.
  • Improvements to duplex discount calculations for jobs with multiple copies.
  • Improved error reporting on user client startup failure.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the a user, printer or shared account to be unintentionally deleted.

17 Mar 2006 - PaperCut 6.1 (Build 3340)

  • Allow the number of decimal places in costs and balances to be changed.
  • Improvements to allow User Client to run on Mac OS X 10.3 versions earlier than 10.3.9.
  • Improvements to the behavior of the client when using a generic user for printing. For example, when using the generic "macuser" as described in the Mac setup instructions.
  • Improvements to error handling when there is a problem starting the User Client.
  • Added support for viewing the user interface in languages other than English. The languages can be selected on the logon screen.
  • Allow the group selection control to be widened so that very long group names and org units can be displayed.
  • Fixed copy count problem with some Xerox printer drivers.
  • Fixed problem installing licenses and importing TopUp cards in some locales.

6 Mar 2006 - PaperCut 6.1 (Build 3306)

  • Much improved documentation for Mac OS X workstations, including configuring printers and installing the User Client.
  • Added support to for Zeno IMF printer language (used in some low-end HP printers).
  • Detect when the Windows spooler services crashes, and automatically restart the PaperCut print provider so that the monitoring can continue.
  • Improvements to User Client to handle IP address changes when the client is running. For example, after resuming from hibernation on a laptop or after connecting to a wireless LAN.
  • Improved grayscale/color detection for some Canon print drivers.
  • Improved detection of plain text print documents.
  • Added a "deleteExistingUser" method to the Web Services API.
  • Fixed crash in print provider that could occur in some situations.
  • Fixed problem installing license if the trial period had expired.
  • Miscellaneous documentation improvements.

22 Feb 2006 - PaperCut 6.1 (Build 3275) - Windows

  • Include native Mac OS X .app package for the user client tool.
  • The client now updates the balance in real-time.
  • Allow configuration of document names that the Windows print provider will ignore. This is useful for some print drivers that regularly send special "Status" documents to the printer.
  • Automatically configure printer settings to improve reliability spool file analysis.
  • Fixed issue with PCL6 page size detection seen on some printers
  • Fixed problem running multiple instances of the client on separate machines if the user's home directory is on a LAN drive.
  • Fixed issue with the "Charge to other user" option in the print popup.
  • Fixed problem detecting copy count in some Canon print drivers.
  • Fixed two security problems found as a result of code audit.
  • Clarify some of the wording on the paper size cost settings screen.
  • Minor improvements to installer and documentation.

15 Feb 2006 - PaperCut 6.1 (Build 3253)

  • Fix problem starting user client on some machines.
  • When importing users from Active Directory, detect loops in nested group structures.
  • Fix problem updating user details (like full name, email, etc) from Active Directory when hundreds of users' details had changed.
  • Linux: Fixed problem in print provider when searching for the provider configuration file.

10 Feb 2006 - PaperCut 6.1 (Build 3238)

  • Fix problem when refunding print jobs from the Shared Account print logs screen.
  • Improved visual layout of User Client print popup, when only the "print to other user" option is enabled.
  • Give the user the option to create a Desktop icon during installation.

8 Feb 2006 - PaperCut 6.1 (Build 3229)

  • LDAP support for both user/group synchronization and authentication which allows for improved integration with non-Windows platforms like Novell and Unix.
  • Allow print jobs to be associated with Shared Accounts but charge the job to user's personal account. This allows for user-based quotas, whilst still allocating to Shared Accounts for reporting.
  • Improved print popup speed in User Client.
  • Greatly improved scalability when running the User Client on thousands of workstations simultaneously.
  • Do not let users run more than one instance of the User Client simultaneously.
  • When starting User Client with "/silent" option, the client will continue retry to connect if the server is unavailable or the user does not yet exist.
  • When a user prints as "another user" using the popup, log the printing under the other user's account.
  • Reduce the bandwidth used by the User Client by approximately 80%.
  • When a user logs into the user web pages or prints as "another user" using the popup, automatically create the user in database if they do not exist, .
  • Fixed a problem when running the User Client on Mac OS X, when proxy servers are configured.
  • Default to non-metric units when running in the US.
  • Minor fixes for page detection for PCL based printers
  • Fixed error in print provider that sometimes occurrs when a user connects to print servers through terminal services.
  • Fix to local installation of User Client to correctly setup the client to run automatically upon login.
  • Reduce the Windows installer size by about 5MB by using improved compression method.

27 Jan 2006 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3184)

  • Much improved support for Unicode languages (allowing importing of users with Unicode user details and correct display of Unicode document names.)
  • Performance tuning for sites running a large number of user clients simultaneously. Also provide more flexibility to tune performance parameters.
  • Improvements to client popup delivery when running on client Mac OS X, using Windows Unix print services, or using the Linux CUPS printing system.
  • Improved support for Epson ESC/P2 printers.
  • Improved support for Ricoh RPCS printers.
  • Improvements to client to support older Mac OS X releases.
  • Allow specifying multiple subnet masks to allow print providers to access the server.
  • Fixed a problem updating shared account balances when using SQL Server.
  • Fixed a problem where deleted shared accounts could appear in popup Account list.
  • Unshare the client directory during upgrade so that the files can be overwritten by the installer.

12 Jan 2006 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3143)

  • Fixed issue where the client popup may have displayed on the wrong system if a user is logged on multiple desktops at one time.
  • Addressed a page size detection issue seen with some Epson ESC/P2 drivers.
  • Added support for OKI HiperC GDI print language.
  • Improved support for Konica Minolta Di series printers.
  • Linux: Fixed potential copy count problem that could occurred when running with CUPS.

23 Dec 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3126)

  • Layout improvements when running on lower resolution screens.
  • When using the "Charge print job to other user" in client popup, send low balance notifications to the owner of the account being charged, not the person performing the print job.
  • Fix problem that stopped print jobs being assigned to other users, if other account selection options were not enabled.

21 Dec 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3120)

  • Fix duplex detection for some OCE printers
  • Fix page counting problem on some Epson printers
  • Stop incompatible database backups from being imported.

19 Dec 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Windows Build 3114, Linux Build 3111)

  • Add Office and Department fields to the user. These will be automatically imported from Active Directory the next time a sync is performed. NOTE: This upgrade will automatically upgrade the database to include the two new fields.
  • Strip the domain component from usernames passed from the user client. This simplifies using the client on Mac OS X systems that pass through the username as username@domain.
  • Fixed calculation of page area for Postscript print jobs when non-standard page sizes are used.
  • Fixed generation of SSL keys on non-English systems.
  • Modified user client to improve display on non-English systems.
  • Linux Only: Improvement the CUPS print provider so that other jobs are not delayed when PaperCut is waiting for a response from the user. e.g. When selecting a shared account using the user client.
  • Linux Only: Improvements to install over-the-top support.

8 Dec 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3086)

  • New SSL/HTTPS access option to provide an enterprise level security connection for remote administration.
  • Add option to make client software use a secured connection if SSL is available.
  • Client software now falls back to using server's IP address if hostname lookup fails.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent users from logging in from a trusted domain.

5 Dec 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3072) - Linux

  • Linux Only: Fixed problem where entering an incorrect password caused an empty error message to display.
  • Linux Only: Fixed broken "Details..." browser link in the client window when running on a Linux KDE desktop.
  • Linux Only: Reduced installer size by 10Mb by enhancing the file compression method.

1 Dec 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3063)

  • Ability to override the system regional settings. This allows you to select the correct currency format settings without having to configure the operating system's default regional settings.
  • Full documentation for the XML Web Services interface and API.
  • C# .NET and Java sample code and documentation demonstrating the use the XML Web Services API. Samples also include a Proxy Class to quickly integrate the interface into existing applications or scripts.
  • New server-command program providing command-line access to all web services functions. This is ideal for calling tasks from batch files or scripts. For example, it may be used to use to kick off scheduled backups or user/group sync operations.
  • Fixed issue where a set operation on a shared account was not correctly recording a transaction record.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • The Mac client now ships with a .command file so it is automatically associated as a terminal script.

24 Nov 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3050) - Linux

We're proud to announce the first official release of PaperCut 6.0 for Linux after testing at large client sites. This release allows PaperCut server to run on Linux and to monitor both CUPS and Samba printers.

Instructions for setting up the Linux version can be found in the user guide [HTML].

24 Nov 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3048) - Windows

  • Significantly improve the performance of user/group synchronization on large sites. Testing of an initial sync on a 5000 user network shows a performance improvement of over 600%.
  • Fix calculation of print job cost when using 'Area Charging' with units of 'square feet', and with non-standard paper sizes.
  • Improved stability of the Windows print provider under very high printing load.
  • Improvements to the documentation.
  • Clarify the terminology used when configuring quotas and the quota accumulation options. Please check your quota settings in the 'Group' section to confirm they are as expected.
  • Fix problem with printer statistics page when running on SQL Server database.
  • Include the latest version of the SQL Server database driver.
  • Set a default socket timeout for SQL Server connections, which alleviates problems in case of network problems.

8 Nov 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 3004)

  • Improve print monitoring behavior under very high printing load.
  • Fix problem where ad-hoc date ranges were not correctly filtering the printer statistics or print log reports.
  • Fix problem on printer statistics page where cancelled and refunded jobs were not counted correctly.
  • Add DLL dependencies to the Topup/Prepaid card wizard that prevented it running on some Windows 2003 servers.

4 Nov 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 2997)

  • Optimize web server settings to improve performance under high load.
  • Improve usability of setting up quotas by not allowing a the max accumulation amount to be less than the quota amount.
  • Fix minor page counting problem that occurred in some recent HP PCL6 drivers.
  • Stop duplicate user records being created if a user prints during the initial user sync process.
  • Fix some reports that failed when using an external SQL Server database.

27 Oct 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 2977)

  • Improve robustness of user synchronization, when an error occurs adding users.
  • Added a tool to import user account balances from PaperCut Quota (see manual for details).
  • Added the file-based batch user import/update feature.
  • Other documentation improvements

24 Oct 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 2962)

  • Addressed a page count bug reported with recent HP LaserJet 1100 driver versions.
  • Improved support for Konica Minolta GDI based printers.
  • Removed a global database lock that could potentially cause performance issues when a new user prints for the first time combined with slow domain lookup.
  • Updated documentation detailing installation of PaperCut on a Microsoft Cluster.
  • Fixed a typographical error that may have caused the Mac and Linux workstation client start scripts to display an error.
  • Added a new command-line option to the client software allowing the option to force the client's reported username - used for laptops that don't authenticate with the domain.
  • Renamed the shortened name associated with the Application Server Windows Service so naming convention is consistent with other PaperCut services.

11 Oct 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 2920)

  • Add a command-line option to the user client to allow a different username to be used.
  • Improvements to the documentation/help.
  • Improved compatibility running secondary print servers on Window NT.
  • Minor fix to page counting when printing to Postscript printers from DOS applications.

5 Oct 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 2902)

  • Improvements to the documentation/help.
  • Improvements to page and attribute detection in the QPDL, HBPL and PJL printer languages.
  • In balance history graph, don't show history for before the account/user was created
  • Clarify some wording throughout the application.
  • Fix date ranges handling in reports. Previously some data outside the specified range could be displayed.
  • Reduce memory footprint of user client.

30 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0 (Build 2880)

We're proud to announce the official release of PaperCut 6.0, after 18 months of development and a very successful month of beta testing by many of our clients.

The official release includes a number of changes since the latest beta, including:

  • Added scripts to start the user client tool on Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Improvements to the documentation.
  • Show the updated account balance in print notifications sent to the user.
  • Fix a problem where sometimes users could not use the last cent in their account.
  • Open reports and help in a new window.
  • Don't show cancelled and unprinted documents in the 'printer log' reports.
  • Don't count cancelled and unprinted documents in the user and printer page/job counts.

23 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2867)

  • Enhance the print provider to send print job cancellation events to the server
  • Implement one-click refunds, available from the print job log screens.
  • Implement automatic refunds when a print job is cancelled without starting printing.
  • Added a number printer languages to bring the printer support up to the same as PaperCut Quota. New printer languages include:
    • Epson
    • Lexmark
    • RPCS
    • QPDL
    • ZJ Stream
    • Xerox HBPL
    • Plain text
  • Improvements to the Canon and Postscript processors
  • Make the Active Directory provider the default on Windows (if the machine is a member of an AD domain).
  • Fixed bug in applying initial 'account selection popup' settings, when creating new users.
  • Do not generate paged output when running CSV/Excel reports. This makes the data much easier to use/analyse.
  • Some terminology improvements in the user client
  • Documentation improvements

21 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2855)

  • Users' full-names and email addresses are now imported and kept up-to-date when using the Active Directory import method.
  • Fix the Start Menu link to the help.
  • Improve some minor visual problems when viewing help/documentation in Internet Explorer
  • Include the user's full name (if populated) in the user detail page title
  • Right align numeric values in various lists, making them easier to read
  • Fix some problems that can occur when hitting enter (instead of pressing buttons) when using Internet Explorer

20 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2849)

It has been a while since the last build, because we have not had any significant issues reported. We've mainly been working on the PaperCut user guide, which is now bundled in this release.

  • User manual now included. This is available from the "Start" menu and the "Help" link on the top-right of the application.
  • Improve the layout of the print log screen when viewing on lower resolutions
  • More changes to stop the browser caching pages, particularly after logout
  • Make the "used by user" column in the TopUp card list a link that takes you to the user details page
  • Minor wording changes throughout the application
  • Improve color/grayscale detection in some Canon and PCL6 drivers

9 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2822)

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • User quick-find now searches both username and full name fields.
  • Included Linux i686 print providers in the installer
  • Clarify progress information output during user/group sync
  • Fixed transaction comments set during the quota allocation process
  • Give the option to install the user client locally, rather than just running from the share
  • Stop the windows print provider from reporting empty print jobs that occur with some drivers.
  • Improved logging information in windows print provider

8 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2816)

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • Fix crash in print provider when processing the print job header in some PCL print jobs
  • Add a command-line option to start the user client minimized
  • In print statistics, graphs and reports, don't round average pages to the nearest integer
  • Fixed page count problem that occurred with some Canon print drivers
  • Fix some javascript errors in user detail pages

7 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2811)

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • Add the facility to delete a single user
  • Make the user sync process more robust to ensure that duplicate users cannot be added
  • Fixes to account name validation when creating new shared accounts
  • Request the web browser not to cache pages, which should lessen the likelihood of seeing stale pages when using the back button.
  • Make sure the various details pages (user, printer, group, account, etc) show the latest information when screen is refreshed
  • Improve the readability of the timestamp in the backup filename
  • Various changes to the print provider to assist solving issues:
    • More detailed logging
    • In case of a failure, save a detailed dump in addition to the mini-dump
    • In case of a failure, take a snapshot of the printer spool files currently being processed

6 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2806)

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • Print jobs are being recorded as occurring one day earlier than they were printed
  • Locally mapped printers that are created when logging onto terminal server are now ignored by default
  • Fix some problems synchronising users/groups when usernames contain upper and lowercase characters.
  • Fix problem that applying initial user credit in some environments.
  • Small usability fixes in the user client
  • Truncate document names to 40 characters to better layout the print logs screens

2 Sep 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2795)

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • Various improvements to the user client
    • Allow the application to be minimized to the task tray on windows
    • Improve usability when selecting accounts from list. e.g. If there is only one account then select it automatically.
    • Do not allow the client to be closed if it's required for printing
  • Use the server locale to format credit/currency, so that no matter how the user's browser is configured the currency is displayed consistently
  • Log to the application log when the application starts and stops
  • Allow zero length passwords to login (if the user has no password on the network)

28 Aug 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2782)

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • Groups reports were not returning data because the date range filters were not set properly
  • Clarified some terminology in the user client
  • Minor user interface fix in account selection options

To update from a previous build, download the latest version from the link above and run the setup program.

26 Aug 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2778)

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • Fixed problem where the user client would not show the account list when that was the only account selection option enabled.
  • Added a README.txt to describe how to install/run the client
  • Some minor wording changes in the user interface
  • Minor improvements in the installation process

25 Aug 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2772)

We've had some great feedback from our early testers allowing us stabilize the beta quickly.

Today's build includes the following changes:

  • Improved the performance of importing users by over 50%
  • Fixed problem when importing users from an Active Directory org unit
  • Fixed crash in print provider when running on some Windows 2003 servers
  • Fixed problem doing user authentication when installed on domain member servers
  • Improved user feedback to show progress when importing users
  • Improve the support for 'install over the top' to upgrade from a previous release

24 Aug 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2767)

Includes non-critical bugfixes:

  • Problem saving group when 'Schedule Period' is set to 'None'
  • Unable to perform bulk user operation to group member credit to $0.0

23 Aug 2005 - PaperCut 6.0-beta (Build 2764)

First beta of PaperCut is made available for public testing.