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How does account selection work with Mobility Print?

Account selection works in the same way as it does for any other PaperCut Mobile & BYOD solution. End users need to use the Mobile web client to select accounts:

Why should I choose Mobility Print over other PaperCut BYOD print solutions?

Mobility Print offers a unified and secure solution for printing from BYO mobile devices and laptops that are not managed by your organization (managed by the end-user instead). There are pros and cons for all options. Many of these listed in the PaperCut NG/MF manual. The area with Mobility Print excels are:

  • Offers a native print experience with more print options.
  • It supports printing from any application (not just limited file types).
  • For regular users that bring their own devices, the print experience is the same as a traditional networked desktop system with a print driver installed.
  • It’s often quicker (after initial setup) to print via Mobility Print.

Where do I install Mobility Server?

For the vast majority of organizations, you install Mobility Print on your PaperCut system, that is, the system running the PaperCut Application Server and hosting your print queues. Some organizations might also have secondary print servers, and this configuration is supported too. For each secondary server (i.e. a server running the Print Provider) that you want to support Mobility Print, you must install the Mobility Print servers.

Can I use Mobility Print on any print server?

Mobility print works on Windows, macOS and Linux print servers.

Can I use Mobility Print on multiple print servers?

Yes. You need to install Mobility Print on each print server. For more information, see how to setup.

I already am running PaperCut NG/MF. Do I need to upgrade PaperCut on my secondary print servers?

Yes, Papercut on your secondary print servers requires to be upgraded to version 17 or greater.

I am currently using PaperCut’s iOS Printing. Do I need to migrate to Mobility Print

You don’t have to migrate to Mobility Print if your current solution meets all of your needs. Mobility Print offers the following advantages over iOS Printing:

  • iOS Printing supports only iOS and macOS, not Android, Chrome, or Windows
  • You cannot use a Windows print server

The following Knowledge Base article outlines a migration process to move from iOS Printing.

How do I migrate from XYZ system?

Good question. The Mobility Print team is excited to know that you’re keen to use our software. We’ve prepared the following guides to help you with your migration process:

Is the communication between devices and the Mobility Print server secure?

All user login credentials are secure and encrypted. Where possible industry standard HTTPS/TLS is used. Print jobs on Android, macOS, and iOS are secure as they use HTTPS. On Chromebooks, where self-signed HTTPS certificates are rejected, HTTP is used and passwords are encrypted using Diffie-Hellman public-private key exchange.

Is secure print release compatible with Mobility Print?

Of course! Mobility Print supports secure print release and find-me printing.

Are jobs authenticated at the time of print?

Absolutely. Mobility Print has the same level of security and authentication as any other PaperCut feature. User identification is checked before a job is accepted. See the Authentication section in the How to works section for details.

Will my user login details be remembered on my device?

The answer to this question depends on your device.

  • iOS - You need to enter your login details the first time you print, then your device will remember your details forever. On iOS 10, you can, however, ask your device to forget your details. To do this:
    1. When you print from your device, a Printer List is displayed. Tap the Information icon next to a printer.
    2. At the bottom of the Details screen, tap Forget my Username and Password.
  • macOS - An Add to keychain checkbox is available on the login screen. If you select this check box, your login details will be remembered forever.If you come across “hold for authentication” when printing, see Hold for Authentication KB article for more details.
  • Windows - You do not need to enter your login details when you print a job; you enter them only once when you add a printer.
  • ChromeOS - A Remember me checkbox is available on the login screen. If you select this checkbox, your login details will be remembered for the selected printer for 30 days.
  • Android - A Remember me checkbox is available on the login screen. If you select this checkbox, your login details will be remembered for the selected printer for 30 days.

Will PaperCut NG/MF print conversions, such as forcing duplex, work?

All PaperCut configured print attribute conversions (for example, converting color jobs to black and white) work when you use Mobility Print.

Will PaperCut NG/MF print restrictions work?

All print restrictions work, however notifications of “denied jobs” might be limited depending on your notification settings. For example, if notifications are delivered by the client software only, end users using a mobile phone or Chromebook will not know their job has been denied. Some restrictions, such as, group access are checked immediately at the time of print—these restrictions are always applied and users will be aware of them.

If I have multiple Mobility Print servers, can I administer them all from a central Admin interface.

Each Mobility server is maintained independently. You can monitor your Mobility Print servers through the PaperCut Admin web interface, but configuration must be done on each Mobility Print server.

You can see a list of all Mobility Print servers in the PaperCut Admin web interface in the Mobility Print area under Options > Mobile & BYOD. You can access the Mobility Print Admin web interface for each Mobility server from here.

How can I rename printers?

Printers must be renamed using the print server’s operating system. Mobility server will automatically use this new name. When you change a printer’s name, the change will flow through to the Mobility Print server web interface after about 5 mins. You should also consider cleaning up the old print queues

Always be careful when renaming printers. If you rename a printer, Windows and macOS end users need to remove the old printer queue and add the new one into their printer list.

Which printers are supported by Mobility Print?

Mobility Print supports all printers that have drivers for modern Windows operating systems. If you find any exceptions, or have problems, please let us know.

How do I update my Mobility Print server?

You don’t need to! It’s automatic! We know that updating software is both important and often difficult. Updating server infrastructure is even more crucial in the BYOD and mobility space. Why? Because end user devices just update and often with little or no forewarning. To remain compatible with this fast pace, the following components auto update:

  • Mobility Print Server
  • Android Mobility Print App
  • Chromebook Mobility Print App

Auto update checks are performed nightly during periods of low activity (sometime between midnight and 1:00am), and updates are applied in the background with minimal or no downtime. Updates might incorporate bug and security fixes, add new features, and improve the user interfaces.

Automatic update checks are performed over a secure HTTPS connection. No personal system information is shared during this process. Update signatures are verified before installation.

If for some reason your print server does not have access to the internet, you can manually update any time by downloading the latest version and installing over the top of the existing version.

Does Mobility Print work at a site with a Site Server rather than an Application Server?

Yes! You can set up Mobility Print on any Windows secondary server, including sites with a Site Server instead of an Application Server. With PaperCut 17.0, you need to perform a few extra setup steps to get this working. For more information, see site server support.

Does Mobility Print work when the connection between the Site Server and Application Server is down?

If you are running PaperCut NG/MF 17.1 or higher Yes.
Otherwise there must be a connection between the Site Server and the Application Server for Mobility Print to work. See site server support

I don’t want to share my Mobility Print anonymous setup information

We use anonymous setup information to prioritize feature development and functionality to address the majority of our users configs. If you wish to opt out of sharing your anonymous setup configuration with PaperCut, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open the following file in a text editor:

  2. Set the following value:

    • DisableAnalyticsSubmission = true
  3. Save the file

  4. Restart the PaperCut Mobility Print service.

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