New and Noteworthy features in PaperCut v14.3

A snapshot view of PaperCut v14.3 features. See what's new at a glance.

Accessibility for vision impairment

Enabling a single or group of users to auto-release upon login for those with vision impairment and limited mobility.

Setting accessibility options for a user.

Read more about the PaperCut's accesibility compliance on our blog.

Easy guest printing from mobile devices

Administrators can set up visitors to print directly, self release or have assisted managed release.

Enabling Guest Printing in the PaperCut Administration interface.

Guest Print view in the Printer List interface.

Read more on the Guest Printing tour page.

Cross vendor printing with Global Print Driver

Set up one global print queue in a mixed fleet environment.

Global Print Queue Administration for cross-vendor printing with PaperCut

Global Print Driver setup.

Read more on the Global Print Driver tour page.

Username alias sync made easy

Automatically sync when changing user names.

Enabling username aliasing.

Setting an alias for a user.

Username alias for groups.

Read more about username alias sync in the PaperCut Knowledge Base

Environmentally friendly Toshiba Eraser RD 30

Support for eToshiba Eraser to track environmental impact of erased pages.

Toshiba Eraser unit setup.

Toshiba Eraser unit dashboard interfaces.

Offline Mode

In PaperCut MF an optional mode that allows the device to be used for copying and scanning during periods of network or system downtime. Offline mode can be automatic (suitable for business environments) or semi-automatic via an unlock code.

Offline mode setup.

Offline mode on the Ricoh Device.

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on PaperCut

  • Coveris
  • The University of Melbourne
  • PSL Group
  • UK Wealth Management
  • Wall Templeton
  • "By implementing scripts for color saving and assigning print jobs to central accounts we reached £50k in savings in just thirteen months! Papercut just keeps getting better with every release."

  • "With well designed interfaces and an excellent support service, we have implemented PaperCut University-wide and have been tracking student printing and saving on costs since 2008."

  • "We were looking for a cost-effective product that would cut our printing and consumables costs... and here it is! PaperCut does a great job and the easy installation and configurations makes it even more attractive."

  • "We need to make intelligent decisions about our print management as well implement a solution for accurate recharging and to raise awareness of the financial and environmental cost of printing. PaperCut ticked every box and then some and slotted perfectly into our network environment."

  • "PaperCut is a huge time-saver - with easy access straight from the desktop, it maintains all of our print management accounting for us and provides excellent print security."