Quick tips for troubleshooting PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive

Every system has its roadblocks. Sometimes it’s the network, sometimes it’s the clients that you’re installing on. There are a few points where you might experience policy or configuration conflicting with the use of your PaperCut Pocket or PaperCut Hive system.

First thing’s first - if you’re a user and you’re having a hard time with your PaperCut Pocket or PaperCut Hive experience, reach out to your organization’s IT Support - feel free to send them this article to get them pointed in the right direction!

In general, if you experience issues, you’ll notice them during one of the following areas of use:

Diagnosing your Installation:

“I’m not able to download the installer!”

That’s going to come down to something on the network blocking your access to our storage buckets (where we host the downloads necessary to get your system up and running). Make sure that you have the following addresses explicitly allowed on your network infrastructure:

  • https://storage.googleapis.com/pc-pmitc-combined-log-export
  • https://storage.googleapis.com/pc-pmitc-copy-log-export
  • https://storage.googleapis.com/pc-pmitc-print-log-export
  • https://storage.googleapis.com/pc-pmitc-print-log-incremental-export
  • https://storage.googleapis.com/pc-pmitc-scan-log-export
  • https://storage.googleapis.com/pc-pmitc-secure-file-store-export
  • https://storage.googleapis.com/pc-pmitc.appspot.com
  • All URLs specified in the System Requirements page of our PaperCut Pocket and Hive manual

“My install is failing”

Installation failures can be caused by a number of different things. Below are some of the common causes of issues that cause the installer to fail.

Temp Directory Permissions

If you’re installing on a Windows device, you should validate that the installing user has access to the directory (this is the local app data path for the user that we use to store some files during the installation). This directory is sometimes blocked by group policy.

Make sure to run the installer as admin - make sure that the user who will be on this computer has admin access and can install apps on their computer. Do not sign in as a different admin user to get rid of this error as it will cause issues with the user ID association

Spooler issues

During installation, we work with the spooler service on your machine to get things set up properly. If you experience hangs or freezes during installation, your computer’s spooler service might be having some issues. Try stopping the installation process, restarting the print spooler, and then running the installer once more to see if that helps things along.

For more steps to try to remediate installation issues, check out our article here: https://www.papercut.com/kb/PaperCutPocketHive/PrinterInstallerIssue

Bonus: Outdated installer file

Finally, this could also be caused by the user trying to install with an outdated or expired installer download. We try to make it pretty clear when this is the case, so if you see the error below, try redownloading the installer from the link that we sent to your email and you should be all set. If that link has expired, you might just need to re-invite the user from the admin interface to get your users started with a new link.

Diagnosing Printer Discovery

“I’m not able to see all of my printers” or “I’m not seeing toner levels or consumables”

This is likely going to be a network configuration issue. First, check out our article on troubleshooting SNMP Statuses to make sure that your network and printers are set up in a way that allows us to discover printers and their consumables.

Once you’ve confirmed that your printer is capable of the base requirements that we have for discovery and consumables, make sure that your network is set to allow the traffic associated with these features:

  • HTTP/IPP on port 631 (or sometimes 80, or 443 depending on the printer)
  • SNMP on port 161 and 162

Diagnosing Print Job Submission

“My Jobs aren’t showing up for release”

Test cloud access

Make sure that your nodes can speak to the cloud. Try a telnet-test out to mqtt.googleapis.com (see below for examples). telnet mqtt.googleapis.com 443

Example of a successful telnet test:

Example of a failed telnet test:

Note 💡 Some newer versions of Windows 10 will not have the telnet client installed by default. You can either install the telnet client through the “Turn Windows Features On or Off” menu, or you can use the newer variant of this test test-netconnection mqtt.googleapis.com -port 443

Additional Functionality Checks

Verify that we can speak to the edge mesh: Try to see if you can access the status page for a few of the Edge Nodes in your network. Prioritize this check against any Super Nodes that you may have in the environment.

To access the status page, open a web browser on a node, type https://[other-node-ip]:9264/status - where [other-node-ip] is the IP address of another node that should be online and accessible from the computer that you’re testing on. If this succeeds, you should see a JSON-formatted page with some information about your Edge Mesh - including some version numbers and Organization ID. To be extra confident in this test, repeat it with a few different pairs of Edge Nodes on your network.

“My jobs are erroring out when I submit them”

If a job is having problems getting submitted into the Edge Mesh, we’ll want to take a look at the print client service on the machine that’s having issues. Verify that the pc-print-client-service shows up in your Task Manager or Command Center. If this part is not running, you can try to run it manually to see if it was a one-off issue. If you still experience issues, read through our Test Page Failed to Print article here. If that doesn’t help, you may need to reach out to your reseller or ASC for some additional input.

Diagnosing Print Release

Print release issues are generally caused by one of two things. First is the Edge Node’s ability to speak with the destination printers (or to the other Edge Nodes that can speak with the printers). The second potential cause is the printer itself having issues with the submitted print file.

Try testing a print job without Papercut’s involvement. Setup a print queue directly to the printer using the same protocol that you expect to work for PaperCut (either an IPP queue if that’s what should be working in your network or a queue if that’s what should be working).

If you’re in a bind and you just need to get printing up and running ASAP, you could potentially work around any submission issues by adding another submission method for the printer - so if you use IPP, you can add a queue, and if you’re on queue printing, add IPP if it’s available.

There’s a bit more detail and some additional steps that you can take to test the system in our “Some Jobs Failed to Print” knowledge base article. Take a look there to see if it helps narrow down where the issue is occurring- and, as always, reach out to your ASC or reseller for some extra input on the situation!

Experiencing something that we haven’t covered here?

Check out our Category Page for PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive troubleshooting to see if there’s something we haven’t added! Or, reach out to your Reseller or ASC and we can get you a solution and update this article if necessary!

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