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This knowledge base article applies to PaperCut Quota. If you’re interested in a translation for PaperCut NG, please contact our development team via the support email address.

To translate the PaperCut Quota Web tools follow these steps:

1. Copy “includes\lang_en.inc” to a new file name appropriate for your language. (e.g. lang_<languageCode>.inc). You can see a list of 2 letter language codes here:

2. Open the file “includes\PCCommon.inc” and add your language code to the list near the top of the file that looks like:

	garrValidLangs = Array(“en”, “es”, “it”)

3. In “includes\PCCommon.inc”, include your language file below the list that looks like this:

	<!-- #include file=“lang_it.inc” →
	<!-- #include file=“lang_es.inc” →

4. Modify the line at the top of your language file that looks like the following, to have use the the correct language code.

	If IsActiveLanguage("en") Then

5. Translate the “SetText” lines below. For example, change:

	SetText “Pages”, 	”Pages”


	SetText “Pages”, 	”Pagine”

6. Refresh your web browser, and you should see your translations. If not, PaperCut could not detect your default language. To force your language to be used add the line to the bottom of the “Config.inc” file (and change the language code to your language).


7. Translate the additional text in the file which will be used on a simple page on our web site for speakers of your language. You and your organisation will receive acknowledgement of your contribution. See here for a sample of what the web page will look like:

8. Send your translation file to support@papercut.com, so others can make use of your translation.

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