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This article applies to PaperCut Quota.

If you are having problems connecting to your PaperCut Quota Web Tools pages, try the following:

  1. Did you follow the Web Tools setup steps from the user guide (including allowing ASP extensions in IIS)?
  2. Is the IIS default web server currently running?
    • You can confirm this by ‘telnetting’ to port 80 on the system running IIS:
      • Start → Run → ‘cmd’ → ‘telnet yourwebtoolsserver 80’
      • You should get a blank screen rather than a connection refused error.
  3. Is any firewall software running that would prevent a connection to the Web Tools system (port 80)?
  4. Is any other software running that would interfere with port 80 or IIS?

If after checking all these you are still having connection problems, try setting up a plain HTML document in IIS to confirm you can access it.

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