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Quite often our customers will want to use "start" in a batch file to start the PaperCut User Client or perhaps perform an [[|Automated & Silent PaperCut Secondary Server installation]].

If the path to your file includes a space you will need to enclose it in quotes such as:

 start "C:\Path To Installer\pcng-setup-12.1.16778.exe"

However, if you wish to pass parameters to the setup file, you may try this first time:

 start "C:\Path To Installer\pcng-setup-12.1.16778.exe" /type=secondary_print /silent

Which returns the error [@"Invalid switch - "/type=secondary_print"@].

This can be resolved by adding an additional parameter specifically for start, namely a "title".

 start "PaperCut" "C:\Path To Installer\pcng-setup-12.1.16778.exe" /type=secondary_print /silent

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