Using PaperCut with EzeScan

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EzeScan provides powerful Records Management integrations with PaperCut MF, supporting customers with complex document digitization needs.

Using EzeScan in combination with PaperCut MF Integrated Scanning, documents captured at the device can be reviewed by the user, have metadata applied automatically or by user input, before ingestion into the customer’s Records Management solutions. EzeScan supports scan integration from PaperCut MF into a wide range of Records Management solutions, for example: MicroFocus Content Manager (Trim); iManage; Objective; TechnologyOne; and many more.


The following is required before setting up EzeScan:

  • Install the PaperCut MF Application Server.
  • Install the PaperCut embedded platform. Make sure your photocopier supports PaperCut Integrated Scanning.

Setup guide from EzeScan

EzeScan have documented the process on how to send scans from PaperCut MF devices to EWA, you can find the steps over here.

Still have questions?

For any questions with EzeScan, reach out to their team over here. If you need help with PaperCut MF, please reach out to your PaperCut partner.