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The PaperCut Internet control module is primarily designed to operate with a single proxy server. However some customers have multiple sites/campuses with a separate proxy server on each site. Others even have multiple proxy servers on the same site for load balancing.

PaperCut has an “Internet Control Service” that monitors the logs of a single proxy server. So if you have more than one proxy server, this service will need to be run and installed on each. This is referred to as a secondary internet server and described in the manual here.

However, care must be take when installing multiple secondary Internet servers to ensure that they do not interfere with each other. There are 2 possible deployment options discussed below.

Option 1: Separate PaperCut instance on each site

If you proxy servers are on separate sites and users do not roam between these sites, then the simplest approach is to simply install a separate instance of PaperCut on each site. So each site is independent, and the internet usage for users on site A are tracked by the PaperCut instance on that site.

Option 2: Single primary PaperCut server with multiple secondary Internet control servers

If your users can can roam between sites and proxy servers, then you need to use a single primary PaperCut server and multiple secondary Internet services.

Setting up the secondary Internet servers is mostly straight-forward, however there is one important configuration change required for secondary Internet control servers running on Windows. It is very important that there is only one secondary server configured to update the “Internet Security” group that controls user Internet access. If more than one secondary server is configured to update the Windows security group, the group will not be updated correctly.

To disable the group update on your other secondary servers:

  • Login to the secondary Internet server you wish to disable the group update for
  • Open the following file in a text editor: C:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\providers\net\
  • Find the line starting with security-group= and remove the group name you selected during install. i.e. make the line look like the following:
  • Save the text file
  • Restart the PaperCut Internet Control service (Control Panel→Admin Tools→Services).

After restarted, this instance of the internet secondary server will not update the group. You should perform these steps on all but one of your Internet control services.

NOTE: If users can access different proxy servers simultaneously, then their time-usage data may be recorded incorrectly. In this case it is recommended that only data-based charging be used.

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