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This KB article relates to PaperCut MF, the edition of PaperCut that implements copier control

For users running PaperCut MF v15.1 or above:

The Toshiba embedded application will now automatically allows access to the Embedded Web Browser. This removes the need to configure this option manually.

For users running PaperCut MF v15.0 or below AND using Firmware Version T212HD0W2151 or above.

The following configuration actions will need to be taken to install our embedded solution.

  1. Access the devices web page at http://<device-ip>/
  2. Navigate to TopAccess then click User Management then select Role Management
  3. Select ueserfullaccess
  4. Tick the EWB function and EWB Access options
  5. click Save

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Article last modified on June 18, 2015, at 04:20 PM
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