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If you are running the PaperCut WebTools? interface, then IIS will hold a number of PaperCut files open. This can cause complications when upgrading PaperCut? because some files cannot be removed when uninstalled.

Once you have unloaded the PaperCut WebTools? using one of the methods below, IIS will release all the PaperCut files. However if a user reconnects to the PaperCut web pages, then IIS will relock the PaperCut files. To avoid this you should either:

  • Perform these steps when users are unlikely to access the PaperCut WebTools?, or
  • Remove/Disable the PaperCut web site or virtual directory.

You have two options to shut down the WebTools? interface:

Option 1) Restarting the web server

The simplest way to unload the PaperCut web tools is to restart the web server. NOTE: This will reload all other web applications running on the server. If this is not appropriate, then follow the instructions about unloading the only the PaperCut WebTools? below.

  • Open the command prompt on the PaperCut server running IIS
  • To stop the web server, run:
       net stop w3svc
  • To restart the web server, run:
       net start w3svc

Option 2) Unloading only the PaperCut web tools

  • Open the Internet Information Services configuration tool. (Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Internet Information Services)
  • Select the virtual directory that the PaperCut is running under.
  • Right-click the PaperCut virtual directory, and select “Properties”.
  • Select the Home Directory tab
  • Click the “Unload” button

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