Upgrading Sharp Luna devices registered as Lexmark devices

The recently released Sharp Luna range of Multi-Function devices (MFDs) and Single-Function Printers (SFPs) utilise the Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF).

It is possible to connect these devices to a PaperCut server using a Lexmark license and the eSF embedded binary (version 3.0.1 or below).

However, later versions of the eSF embedded binary (3.1.0 and above) contain direct compatibility with Sharp Luna devices and will identify the MFD/SFP as a Sharp device. The Sharp Luna devices will then need to be manually renamed or recreated in PaperCut MF and transferred to a Sharp license.

PaperCut MF 20.0.4 and later support the Sharp Luna range. PaperCut MF 20.1 includes the eSF embedded binary version 3.1.0.

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Keywords: Sharp, Luna, Lexmark, eSF