How to resolve Sharp embedded error 5000 "processing is in motion"

When setting up PaperCut’s embedded copy tracking for Sharp devices and changing settings via the device’s web admin interface, you may see the following error message:

“ERROR[5000]: Processing is in motion. This function cannot be executed.”

This is because your Sharp device is detected as being locked, preventing you from accessing it to change its settings to install PaperCut MF.

Here are the steps to resolve this:

1. Access the physical device.
2. Unlock the device:
a. On the device’s screen, click the COPYsoft tab.
b. If the device displays the COPY screen, it implies you have successfully unlocked the device.
c. However, if the device does not respond, then on the device’s panel, click the System Settings hard button. The device displays the message Log in as administrator?
d. Click Yes.
e. If the device displays the Administrator password screen, it implies you have successfully unlocked the device.
3. After unlocking the device, resume installing PaperCut MF from your device’s web interface.

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