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When setting up PaperCut’s embedded copy tracking for Sharp devices and changing settings via the device’s web admin interface, you may see the following error message:

“ERROR[5000]: Processing is in motion. This function cannot be executed.”

This message (raised by the Sharp device, not PaperCut!) indicates that the settings cannot be saved because something else is locking them. In most cases this means that the device’s display panel is showing a screen other than the COPY tab because it’s trying to connect the PaperCut Application Server. If the display is on another tab it can lock access to change settings and display the Processing is in motion message above.

There is a solution to this on older Sharp devices. On the Sharp device, select the “system settings” physical button to display the administration login screen and then configuration through the web interface should work. Doing this is enough to temporarily unlock the device and avoid the error message when configuring the device through the web interface.

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