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This KB article relates to PaperCut MF, the edition of PaperCut that implements copier control.

This article is intended to complement our Find-Me printing section in the manual. Itís important to understand the concept of Find-Me printing before setting up a Find-Me environment.

In the example below we will be configuring a simple Find-Me solution using two Konica Minolta 501 MFDs (other MFDs are available)

Print Queue Setup

The first step is to create print queues for each of the MFDs in question and then fully test printing on them to make sure they function as expected. Once the print queues are working and being tracked by PaperCut we need to create an additional print queue, this will be the Virtual Queue used for Find-Me printing. This new queue is created exactly the same way as the regular print queues and should be tested that it is working as intended before proceeding with making the queue virtual. To make life simple we called our Find-Me virtual print queue Windows Konica Virtual Queue

  • Note that there’s a detailed section of the manual here which explains how to configure the driver for your virtual / find-me queue. It also details the testing process - in short, it involves using the “lowest common denominator” driver which would be compatible for all of the individual member print queues.

Virtual Queue Setup

Next login to the PaperCut MF admin interface and go to the printers tab. You should see the two print queues for the MFDs and an extra queue that will be a virtual queue. For this example our three print queues are called:

  1. Windows Konica Minolta 501 Library
  2. Windows Konica Minolta 501 1st Floor
  3. Windows Konica Virtual Queue

This is how they look in the PaperCut Admin interface:

Select the print queue you wish to be the virtual queue, in this example it is Windows Konica Virtual Queue. This is the print queue everyone in your organisation will print to. It is important to give it a sensible name when sharing it so end users do not become confused.

1. Navigate to Printersfind-me-queueSummary in the PaperCut administration interface. Change the Queue type option to This is a virtual queue (jobs will be redirected to a different queue) as per this screenshot:
2. Once the queue is setup as a virtual queue a new option box appears allowing you to select the print queues print jobs will be forwarded to. This is where you select the normal print queues associated with the devices in the Find-Me setup. The screen shot shows both physical queues selected as queues the virtual can forward print jobs to:
3. At this stage we also want to enable the option to Enable hold/release queue
4. We also need to set the Release mode to User release (the default). This ensures that jobs are held in the virtual queue and not automatically forwarded to one of the target queues.

This is what the print queues look like now one of them is setup to be a virtual queue; notice the “(virtual)” after the virtual print queue’s name:

So to go over what we have done here:

  1. Created and tested print queues for each MFD in the find-me environment
  2. Created a new print queue and configured it to be a virtual queue within PaperCut MF
  3. Selected the print queues associated with the physical MFDs as queues the virtual queue is allowed to forward print jobs to.

The following shows my virtual queue setup in PaperCut MF:

Using the above settings means that users will print to one print queue (the virtual print queue), the jobs will be held in the print queue, and then when released they will be moved over to the print queues associated with the physical device a user is releasing them from (the MFD).

Okay, halfway done! Now that we have everyone printing to our virtual Find-Me queue and our jobs being paused for hold/release, we need a way to release those print jobs…

Device Setup

The next step is to configure our Konica MFDs to look for print jobs on the virtual queues and then release them on the MFD the user is logged into. In this example we will assume that the PaperCut MF embedded software is already installed and up and running on the Konicas.

Navigate to the Devices tab in the PaperCut MF administration console and select one of the Konica MFDs. In this example we will be configuring the Library Konica MFD first. (Note: -Itís important to remember that the devices tab in PaperCut MF is used to control the copy and print release functionality of a MFD. The printers tab is just for the print queue side of the equation; an MFD may have multiple functions, but from the print server’s perspective, itís simply a print queue) To configure the Library machine to view print jobs from the virtual queue and release them on the Library machine you need to:

  1. Scroll down the Summary subtab to the Print Release section and select Enable print release.
  2. Under This device will display jobs for release from the selected source queues:, select the virtual queue. If the print queue configuration steps have been followed, the virtual queue should appear neatly under a Virtual with Hold/Release heading; this makes it easy to find print queues which are configured validly for Find-Me printing. When a user authenticates at the MFD the machine will display the users jobs sitting paused in the selected virtual queue:
  3. Tick the Enable find me printing support selection box:
  4. On the When released, jobs will be redirected to: drop down choose This device (single queue) (the default)
  5. On the Select the destination queue: drop down choose the print queue associated with the device. Where possible, PaperCut MF will recommend print queues which appear to match the device under a Suggested heading. For this example, the match is with the Windows Konica Minolta 501 Library queue:

The Find-Me workflow - in simple terms.

  1. A user will print to the virtual queue (they will just see it as a normal print queue)
  2. The job will be held in the queue
  3. The user will login to the MFD
  4. The MFD will look at the virtual queue for any print jobs for that user
  5. User selects a print job (or all of them)
  6. Print jobs will be printed from the MFD they are logged into.

How it all looks:

Other Devices

In this example we have two MFDs, one Library (already setup) and the other is on the 1st floor. We would configure the 1st floor MFD much the same, e.g. set it to look at the virtual queue, but tell it to release on the Windows Konica Minolta 501 1st Floor print queue, which should be Suggested by PaperCut MF based on the detected relationship between the matching print queue and device. This would give us a working Find-Me setup, wherein users can print to one central virtual queue, and release from any of the available MFDs.

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