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This article applies to PaperCut Quota only.

Q PaperCut is not creating new users with the group rules I have defined?

PaperCut uses the rules under the Groups section to define how new users accounts are created. That is, their initial credit, privilege level, and how much quota they are allocated. If no group rules are defined, new user accounts are created using the settings as defined in the “catch all” group called “DefaultGroup”.

The group rules may not work with securely configured “native mode” Active Directory setups. This problem is seen when all new users are created according to rules define under the “DefaultGroup” irrespective of their group membership and the other rules.

The problem occurs because PaperCut installs itself under a standard Service account. This account has minimal privileges and can’t make “anonymous queries” on native mode Active Directory.

Solution 1: Run the “PaperCut Print Charging Service” under an account with additional privileges
1. Start→Settings→Control Panel→Admin Tools→Services
2. Double-click on the “PaperCut Print Charging” service
3. Select the Log On tab
4. Select “this account” and enter the username and password of an account with these privileges (e.g. a user in the Administrators Group).
Optionally the service account could be run under an account that has been delegated read access to the selected groups (advanced only).
Solution 2: Setup the Active Directory to allow anonymous searches.
One method to allow anonymous searches is to grant READ permissions to the “Everyone” group on the relevant container(s). You need to grant access from the root of the directory down all levels to the group of interest.

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