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This guide is written for PaperCut resellers.

Printable material (brochures, cheat sheets, etc.)

PaperCut provides a number of printable resources to assist your sales team. Printable resources are particularly useful for face-to-face visits or as downloadables for your existing/potential customers.

If the printable material has been provided in an editable format on the marketing resources page or the Reseller Portal you are welcome to add your own branding, such as a logo, company name, contact details etc. If you would like to make more significant changes, such as adding or removing content, or using in your own material, we ask that you please provide us with a proof prior to publishing.

If you do modify material you should commit to reviewing the content at least every 6 months by referring back to the original source. PaperCut is constantly adding features and it is easy for material to quickly become out of date. Presenting outdated material reflects badly on PaperCut and our partners alike.

Website content

PaperCut provides an industry leading website with thousands of pages ranging from product tours and end-user videos through to in-depth technical articles. This content is actively maintained and updated daily.

The purpose of your website (or the PaperCut section of your website) should focus on the services you offer and the value-add you provide to your customers/market. It should articulate the benefits customers receive by purchasing PaperCut through your company. It is important that your website does not reproduce content from the PaperCut website.

A good analogy is Microsoft and their reseller network (certified partners). Microsoft partners focus attention on the services they provide to their customers, rather than in-depth product information, which is already available from

A suggested outline for your content is:

  • Brief summary of PaperCut (or the feature you are highlighting on the page) in your own words.
  • The value-add you provide to the customer
    • Your experience with the technology / expertise in this area
    • Successful deployments to date
    • Local / industry knowledge
    • Your ability to make complex solutions easy
    • Your skills in hybrid software & hardware solutions
    • Options for customer training and knowledge transfer
  • Then, link to an appropriate PaperCut hosted page or collection of pages for “more information” (in-depth details).

By not repeating content the customer may have already read on the PaperCut website, you strengthen your message and value-add.

Domain Names

You should not use “papercut” in any domain name, or as part of a domain name. This could lead to customers confusing your organization with PaperCut Software Pty. Ltd. Ideally pages should be hosted on your main website domain so customers can associate the value-add with your brand/company. Instead of a new domain, host pages under your own company site. An example URL:

What you should DO

  • As a reseller you must mention PaperCut on your website. This will require at least one page dedicated to PaperCut and your services.
  • Present a prominent link(s) back to the PaperCut website. This is a requirement for all PaperCut resellers.
  • Display your PaperCut reseller or solution center certification badge confirming your official status.
  • Present a clear method for customers to contact you. Ideally the customer should be directed to individuals knowledgeable in PaperCut (e.g. a PaperCut certified professional).
  • Consider embedding the official PaperCut YouTube videos on your website.
  • All PaperCut Authorized Solution Centres should clearly articulate their vendor neutral position and the services they offer to customers and/or other resellers in the PaperCut channel.

What you should NOT DO

  • Do not copy/duplicate content from the PaperCut website.
    • This dilutes your message and value-add.
    • Users have a negative association with content-scraping websites. (Most viewers will also visit the main PaperCut websites.)
    • Google penalizes websites that plagiarize content by reducing their search ranking.
    • Information can quickly become outdated.
    • It looks lazy!
  • Do not reproduce the testimonials on the PaperCut website. Instead contact us so we can work with you to gain testimonials from our mutual customers.
  • Do not place links to PaperCut MF downloads on a public page. PaperCut MF is a reseller distributed product and downloads should only be provided directly to your customers via email or password protected customer-only pages.
  • Do not host PaperCut MF installer/setup files on your own server. Always provider customers with download links pointing to the original files on the domain. By having links pointing to the installer files on the paper site, it allows us to still monitor and control the downloads (e.g. prevent downloads of old versions). You’ll also benefit from faster download speeds as our files are hosted on Amazon’s CDN edge servers.
  • Do not host/mirror downloads of content that is available on the PaperCut website. Instead, link directly to the resource on the PaperCut domain. This ensures the content linked is the latest version.
  • Do not use language that infers that you directly represent PaperCut. It must be clear that you are an approved PaperCut reseller or solution center.
  • Do not use any of the supplied marketing material without any PaperCut logo, or with all references to PaperCut removed. (e.g. Don’t take the material and remove all references to PaperCut and pass off the solution as your own.)

We are always looking for new ideas to help position PaperCut and welcome your ideas. Let us know what you think via

Non-English speaking regions and translation

If you service a non-English speaking region and would like to directly translate some of our material (tour, brochures, etc.), please contact us so we can discuss options.

Video Media

As an ongoing commitment to the reseller channel, PaperCut has been releasing video tours and screencasts as a resource. These are for distribution through the channel and intended to support our customer base. You may consider embedding our videos from the PaperCut YouTube Channel on your website.

Some of our resellers have expressed interest in hosting PaperCut videos on their own site. To support this our videos are licensed under Share Alike Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) which allows for reuse and sharing. However correct attribution is required. To correctly attribute the videos, this is what you should DO:

  • Present prominent link(s) back to the PaperCut website.
  • Present prominent link(s) to original PaperCut video.
  • You may affix your own ‘splash screen’ to the start or end of the video but it may not alter the core content of the video.
  • Ensure the video still is credited to PaperCut Software, thus not suggesting ownership through the inclusion of a ‘splash screen’.

If you require the original video file (.mp4) to include your own screen please contact and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

General Issues/Notes

  • As an approved reseller, when using a PaperCut logo or image within your own marketing content, please abide by the Branding Guidelines available under Marketing Resources
  • Please do not use an MFP vendor’s logo to promote any of PaperCut’s embedded solutions. Your use of any 3rd party MFP vendor logos is governed by your relationship with the MFP vendor.
  • If there are any questions relating to this guide, please shoot us a quick email to seek clarification before publishing content. We’re very approachable and do our best to work with everyone to present a correct and effective message that is fair for all PaperCut partners.

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