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Portal Login

The PaperCut reseller portal is your main point of access to all the resources you require as a reseller. Your ASC will create and set up a login for you.

Understanding the Portal

Once you have been educated on the PaperCut reseller portal you should be able to understand:

  • Key PaperCut reseller portal features
  • How to access a Not For Resale (NFR) license
  • How to search our database for sales & technical information
  • Where to find the reseller newsletter and other marketing resources


Both sales and technical training will be provided to you and your team by the ASC.

Live Demo

Potential PaperCut customers may ask to see the Live Demo which is available to you as a reseller.

Certification Tests

Three tests will be made available to you. Their completion is mandatory to ensure your customers are serviced by certified PaperCut representatives:

  1. Sales
  2. Technical
  3. Private Cloud

Professional Services

Professional Services are an important part of PaperCut implementation and an ASC will be able to guide you on how your customers will benefit from this service.

Maintenance and Support (M&S)

Your ASC will help you discover the benefits that you can offer to PaperCut customers by maintaining valid M&S


PaperCutís marketing guidelines are also available to you to assist with the use of our logos/certification badges and related materials.

Additional resources that you may find useful:

BLI report 2015 Download and use this to show your customers

Tour Page Where you will find the embedded application videos

Professional services guide a guide to the services that you can offer when customers want an assisted or turnkey installation.

Return on Investment calculator build a compelling story highlighting possible savings

Language pages Language translation pages

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