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PaperCut NG has full support for remote administration via its in-built web interface. This includes remote administration via the SSL based encrypted connection.

PaperCut Quota has a web based interface called web tools. The web tools interface provides a remote administration interface for the management user accounts, and a secondary interface comprising of a number of “user tools”. User tools allow uses to view their account status, view their usage in read-line and perform other tasks such as us Top-Up Cards. All this is accessible via a standard web browser.

The web tools are not setup by default. Setup instructions are covered in the PaperCut User Guide under the “Installing Web Tools” section in the back half of the manual. The web tools require an IIS web server - an optional Windows server component.

The standard PaperCut Quota Admin Console software offers more advanced management features. The web based administration option offers ease-of-use and has the advantage of not requiring the installation of additional software Non-technical users are also comfortable using a ‘web pages’ based system. web tools is ideal for the day-to-day user management tasks. For remote management of advanced features such as costs, filter rules and other features, consider accessing the PaperCut Administration Console using remote server access software such as VNC or Windows Terminal Server (Remote Desktop).

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