I'm running PaperCut Quota. Why should I upgrade to PaperCut NG?

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That’s a good question. Most of our marketing effort has gone into acquiring new users rather than encouraging PaperCut Quota users to upgrade. Most Quota customers don’t need a lot of encouragement! Here are a few resources that will help guide you in this decision:

  • Full web based administration from anywhere on the network. This is a quick tour here:
  • Lots of new reports in PDF, HTML and CSV/Excel format.
  • Automatic emailing of reports
  • Support for selecting shared accounts (e.g. Department Level Accounts) via the popup client
  • Hold/Release queues
  • Support for external databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, and Postgresql
  • Web services API and scripting interface
  • Cross platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux on both the workstation and the server (all features on all platforms)
  • No more MS Access database with its bugs!

PaperCut Quota will still be supported until the end of 2009, but we are encouraging all Quota customers to upgrade. See here for details.


The upgrade procedure is explained in detail here:


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