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By default, when PaperCut MF configures a Konica Minolta device the Public Access functionality provided by the device will be disabled. If it is enabled after installation, the Public Access function will be disabled again during re-initialization which occurs whenever the configuration of the device is changed in PaperCut MF, e.g. adding/removing authentication options.

To workaround this problem set the Advanced Config property “ext-device.konica-minolta.skip-setup” to “Y”. This configures PaperCut MF so that the device will not be re-initialized because of a configuration change and the “Public” button on the device will remain enabled.

Please note: This setting also prevents configuration changes to the device such as changing the authentication settings, enabling print release, or any advanced configuration options. If you need to change the device configuration, you must manually change “ext-device.konica-minolta.skip-setup” to “N”, re-initialize the device with the new settings, change the setting back to “Y” and restore the Public button on the device via normal methods.

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