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Note: This information is specific to PaperCut versions below 9.

UPDATE: PaperCut has implemented its own load balancing in version 9.

Q Does PaperCut support load balance printers and/or failover?

Load balancing printers is commonly referred to as Printer Pooling on Windows and as CUPS Classes or groups in Linux and Mac. PaperCut does not implement its own load balancing. Instead it works with the feature already available from within the print queue and/or operating system.

Printer Pooling is a standard Microsoft feature supported by most printers and driver combinations and works by balancing the load between a group of two or more printers. It also introduces fail-over in that if one of the printers is taken off line, for example manually or from error, the other printer(s) will take up the load. You can read more about the printer pooling feature at:

Apple Mac administrators can read more about CUPS and classes at:

We could have chosen to implement load balancing inside PaperCut itself however we believe that the feature built in to the operating does the job well and in fact in many ways is better as printer manufactures take care to ensure their drivers work in the pooled environment.

Organizations considering load balancing and fail-over may also wish to consider implementing the same concepts at the print server, application and database level using PaperCut’s support for application clustering.

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