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Note: this article applies to PaperCut Quota only. PaperCut NG fully supports Mac clients.

PaperCut Quota - Mac Tips

We recommend PaperCut NG on mixed Mac and Windows networks. Networks running PaperCut Quota can support Mac clients and may find the following information useful:

Checking account balances:

Mac users check their account balances via the [Legacy] PaperCut Quota Web Tools interface. In addition to viewing their account balance and status information, Mac users have full access to other tools including:

  • viewing their transaction history
  • using Top-Up Cards
  • transferring funds to other users

Administrators should configure the default Mac browser to include a bookmark to the PaperCut account status page. Mac users should also be versed in how to check their balance. It may be a good idea to add a login item configured to start the browser on a page that explains the printing policy, how to check account balances, and Mac printing tips in general.

The PaperCut Quota [Legacy] Deploying the PaperCut Quota User Client Tool is a Windows only program and will not run on Mac systems (PaperCut NG fully supports Mac clients).

Receiving messages:

PaperCut sends messages to users via WinPopup (net send) messages (such as printing denied messages, etc.). Mac users can receive these messages with the help of free 3rd party software such as MacXPop. This tools will also allow Mac users to receive printer notification messages and other network announcements if enabled on the server.

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