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Note: This article applies only to PaperCut Quota or PaperCut ChargeBack 6 or earlier. These products have now reached end-of-life. The supported solution for page count problems is to upgrade to the latest version (version 9 or higher). The procedure below may help in some situations.

The “Page Counting Machine” (PCM for short) is an updatable component responsible for counting pages and detecting other attributes such as page size, duplex and grayscale modes. Updates are provided to support new hardware without the need to do a full PaperCut upgrade. The concept is similar to virus detection software’s DAT or Data files.

PCM updates are compatible with all PaperCut releases back to version 1.0.

Q How do I upgrade my “Page Counting Machine”?

The “Page Counting Machine” (PCM for short) is the component of PaperCut responsible for counting pages and determining document attributes such as paper size. Upgrading the PCM may be required if new hardware is purchased that is not supported by your current version of PaperCut. The concept is similar to Virus Detection DAT updates. To update the PCM:

1. Download the latest Page Counting Machine update from https://www.papercut.com/anonftp/pub/general/pcm-update.exe.
2. Stop the PaperCut service by selecting “PaperCut Print Charging Service” in Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Services, then press Stop.
3. Run the pcm-update.exe file and install in the PaperCut program folder.

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