Open Source Software at PaperCut

At PaperCut we advocate the benefits of Open Source projects and aim to be an active part of the open source community. This includes active participation in many of the open source projects used in our software, through to open sourcing some of the technology used at PaperCut. Some of the projects PaperCut’s developers have taken a lead role in include:

Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap is used to securely convert PostScript and PDF files from untrusted sources into images. It’s a modified distribution of the GPL Ghostscript PDL interpreter secured and sandboxed using Google Chrome’s sandbox technology. The objective of the project is to bring best-of-breed security to Ghostscript’s command-line conversion applications on MS Windows. Ghost Trap is one of the technologies used to help support the Print Archiving feature in PaperCut. The project was started by the PaperCut development team in 2012 and published on GitHub in 2013.

jQuery Plugin: Are You Sure?

The Are-You-Sure jQuery Plugin is a simple light-weight “dirty forms” plugin for modern browsers. It helps prevent users from losing unsaved changes on HTML forms. This plugin is used in PaperCut’s web administration interface and was open sourced under the MIT license in 2012.


Retaliation is a Jenkins CI build monitor that automatically coordinates a foam missile counter-attack against the developer who “breaks the build”. It does this by playing a pre-programmed control sequence to a USB Foam Missile Launcher to target the offending code monkey. This project is all done in good fun was was of course a hit of good fun in our office. It’s nice to see that this is our most popular open source project to date :-)


Htmleasy is a simple, elegant HTML based Java MVC micro-framework that builds on Resteasy (JAX-RS). It provides simple tools for rendering data objects as HTML views and managing basic pageflow. Hthmleasy is used on a number of internal systems inside PaperCut.


Silken is the easiest way to drop in Google Closure Templates into your Java web application. Silken encourages convention over configuration, and promotes a set standard structure for template management. Hthmleasy is used on a number of internal systems inside PaperCut.

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