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Note: This article applies to PaperCut Quota and ChargeBack versions 5.1 or older only. PaperCut NG and newer versions of PaperCut Quota and PaperCut ChargeBack support AD nested groups.

PaperCut Quota can be configured to import users from either:

  1. The whole domain
  2. A selected group of users within a domain

For the second option to work as expected, users need to be “primary members” of the group as apposed to indirect members through a nested group relationship. For example, a school may wish to monitor users in two domain groups; staff and students. A third group should be created (e.g. “PaperCut Users”) and users should be added to this group as direct members. The Active Directory management tools offer an advanced selection interface that will allow you to quickly select staff and student users.

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